Second Game

I make it my goal to keep only two active MMO subscriptions at a time. The primary one of those is going to be World of Warcraft – I’m involved in an active, although “casual”, raiding guild and I really enjoy playing with the friends I’ve made there.

Currently, the other slot is up for grabs between Aion and Fallen Earth.

Here’s what draws me to each:


I’m here for the PvP, but I’m not to that point yet. My baby assassin is only level 21 so I’m on the cusp of experiencing the Abyss. I want to see for myself how the PvP works out before making the final call on this one.

Fallen Earth

I’m here for the immersion; there’s just something about this game that draws me in. I know the economy is broken. I know the endgame PvP is a mess right now. Syp did an excellent write-up here. (Yes, that’s me commenting about needing a blog of my own.)

I’ll comment on both of these games, as well as WoW, in future posts. I also intend to join in the daily blogosphere conversations – it seems every few days or so a hot topic comes up that draws posts from many of my favorite bloggers. Rather than comment on a site here and there, I’ll just use this as my soapbox – I hope you enjoy.

It should also be noted that I recently tried Darkfall, and once you get past the UI, it’s a great game. The politics, the meaningful PvP, the impact players have on the world – very cool. However, this is just not the game I’m looking for as my secondary MMO. In order to really experience what Darkfall is all about, I feel you’d need to be heavily involved with a Clan. I’m looking for something I can just “pick up and play” with my second game. If I was a hardcore PvPer, though, this would definitely be my primary game.


~ by Drew on January 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Second Game”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

    Sounds like your an MMO hopper just like me (which aint a bad thing despite the ‘tourist’ tag which is banded about).

    I recently have jumped onto the two MMOs a month bandwagon, one is WoW the other is Fallen Earth. WoW is my kind of ‘mindless fun’ and its a game I can play for an hour here and there and still feel like I have achieved something and Fallen Earth is just crack to me with its immersive nature and the fact its a more realistic game overall. If I spend less than 4 hours in once play session in Fallen Earth then I’m surprised, I just get lost in there.

    Anyway I think when playing two subs you really have to find two games which both compliment each other and also compliment your playstyle. Fallen Earth is probably my ‘main MMO’ at the moment but when Cataclysm releases I just know thats gonna change 😉

    • Thanks, Pitrelli. I read your blog daily and really enjoyed your thoughts on Darkfall- they really echoed my own sentiments.

      Feel free to look me up on Fallen Earth, my character there is Slymm. I think we’re about the same level at this point, too.

      • Will do mate, you on at EU times?

        I have a few bloggers on my friends list but because Im not on their timezone I rarely get to chat to them 😦

  2. You might catch me on the weekends; sometimes I have a free afternoon which would sync up with your night time over there, I believe. 🙂

  3. ahh kk, yeah Im usually on WoW during the week and Fallen Earth at weekends.

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