Why Beastmaster?

  Now that we’ve established where my hunter roots began – learning from BRK – the question remains: why do you still play beastmaster?

  • I enjoy it. Me and my pet – big, red death-dealing machines.
  • It’s different than what everyone else is doing. Seriously, I have yet to group with another level 80 BM hunter.
  • We have no Ret Pallies or Arcane Mages. Ferocious Inspiration is good.
  • It still puts out great DPS. Our rogues do comparable damage, but that’s about it. I’ve yet to meet a MM/SV hunter with similar gear who can outdps me in a raid setting. It’s familiar to me and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it; I work just as hard to fine-tune my character as anyone else.
  • Did I mention I enjoy it? I mean, really, do you and your pet get to turn into a big, red unstoppable machines of death (albeit for 8 seconds less than it used to be)? I didn’t think so!

Look, I understand that if I was in a hardcore raiding guild, I might have a difficult time securing a spot as a beastmaster hunter. On paper it looks weaker than the other two specs, but it’s important to note that 40% or more of my damage is coming from a melee mob who’s virtually immune to AoE damage. With all the movement required in the current raiding environment, this is a big plus.

On top of that, there are fights where being BM is even more advantageous:

  • Northrend Beasts – Icehowl’s breath does not affect you while using Beastial Wrath.
  • Faction Champions – break CC.
  • Lady Deathwhisper 25 man – when you get Mind Controlled no one can CC you. OK, wait, that’s probably not good.
  • Festergut – you get to laugh at his Vile Gas.

 It’s a game, do what allows you to have fun while not detracting from the experience of the others you influence. The day playing BM severely hampers my guild’s ability to finish content is the day I’ll switch specs. Until then, I’m hitting button 9, unleashing the beast within, and eating faces.


~ by Drew on January 26, 2010.

One Response to “Why Beastmaster?”

  1. ‘I enjoy it’ yup thats like me. If I enjoy playing a certain way then thats what I do. If it means I dont get to raid with the ‘A’ team then fair enough. I get sick of cookie cutter builds and ‘must be specced’ – Umm sorry guys I pay for my game time and I’ll play what is most fun 🙂

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