Second Game, Redux

 Writing about my first FFXI experience inspired me to send a text message to my old roommate asking if he’d be interested in playing another MMO together. (We still talk on a regular basis and get together to play poker every now and then at a casino half-way between each of our current locations.)  He said that sounded like a cool idea, and I’ve left the decision as to what MMO we’d play up to him. I gave him some basic ideas of what’s out there – the only MMO he’s ever played is FFXI – and he was doing some research to see which one appealed to him.

 In the event he comes back with a “it doesn’t matter to me” sort of answer – which could very well happen – I’d like some community input.

So, my question to you: what MMO do you think is best for a duo?

 I was thinking DDO or LOTRO because of the scalable dungeon content, or EQ2 because of the XP/AA sliding bar/mentoring, etc. I doubt he’ll pick WoW as he knows I already play that.

 Ultimately, I suspect we’re both just waiting out FFXIV and we’ll be all over that once it comes out. I know I can’t wait.


~ by Drew on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Second Game, Redux”

  1. I’d wait for FFXIV or ‘The Secret World’ (Funcom fair enough but it looks like it could be a sleeper)

    • Yeah, there’s no doubt we’ll be playing FFXIV together.

      With no release date announced, though, I’m a bit ancy to just try something out and have a good time. I really hope he picks something I haven’t played before, to be honest, but it’ll be cool to just ‘hang out’, regardless.

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