Raids: Trash or No Trash

 A lot of people hate(d) ToC.

  I am not one of them.

 Frankly, the primary difference between a “casual” raider and a “hardcore” raider in my opinion is the amount of time they’re willing – or able – to sit down at the computer and dedicate to group play. With the casual label tossed around at just about everything today, I think that’s truly what it boils down to – time.

 The fact we could get our group together and go through ToC 10 focusing only on the boss fights and improving our strategy was a godsend. I can’t tell you how disheartening it was the other night when we got Rotface to 3% only to have our next attempt thwarted by the respawing of all that trash after Saurfang. We raid a couple nights a week for three hours and unless it’s the weekend, we stop promptly at 11 server time; most everyone in the guild has a family, job, etc. – responsibilities that keep us from being “hardcore”.  So, we weren’t going to have enough time to clear all that trash again and take another shot at him.

 So I ask, what is the point of the re-spawning trash if Blizzard is truly “catering to the casuals”? If there’s a logistical reason for it, I’d like to know, but it looks like just another artificial barrier built in to slow down the absorption of content. But let’s be honest here, Blizzard, the top-tier guilds aren’t encountering re-spawning trash. The people you’re slowing down are the ones who aren’t going to have this stuff on farm after one week. They’re people like us who are months behind the raiding curve and disappointed that we had to leave Rotface for another week. We’re not in any danger of taking out all the open wings any time soon.

We ultimately made it through both ToC10 and ToC25 with our little band of “casual” players. I don’t know if that will ever happen for anything but our group of 10 best raiders in ICC, and it’s a shame that the primary driver is going to be all the trash. You see, raiding as little as we do, at some point we’ll have to bite the bullet and decide to lockout the raid so we don’t have to waste valuable hours clearing up to our next progression fight.

 I saw some comments on Tobold’s blog today that I wholeheartedly agree with – mini-instancing of the raids. I’d love to be able to go work on the second or third wing of ICC without having to extend the raid lock on the whole instance or kill through the first wing. We could go directly to the next progression fight and start working out the kinks without having to blow half our weekly raid-time to get there. That’d be great. And as an added bonus, those of us with extra time could help the second group of raiders in the earlier wings, or run it on an off-scheduled night.

~ by Drew on January 28, 2010.

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  1. […] * Larissa asked about trash. I happened to love ToC. I hate trash, specifically re-spawning trash; it’s nothing but an aritificial progress barrier and an immersion-breaker. In fact, I think I wrote a post about that very thing awhile back. […]

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