And The Winner Is…

Fallen Earth.

 I’ve not heard back from my buddy, yet, so I made the call on which of my two “second game” subscriptions I would keep.

 Not much time for a real post today, but suffice it to say there were a couple of major factors in my decision:

1. The community of AION is simply toxic. No one is pleased with anything, and the aionsource boards are awash with player-hate and screams of “more endgame content, please!”. The worst part is few people believe change is coming in any reasonable time. Can’t say I blame them; there was a recent pink (?) post where NCSoft essentially posted to say they had nothing to post about as it pertained to updates.

2. The community of Fallen Earth is exactly the opposite. While there is no true “endgame” to speak of, players are optimistic that change is coming, and Icarus has laid out a specific plan for the next few updates.

3. I’m really enjoying the story of Fallen Earth. I’m enjoying the immersion. I enjoy that I get to pick what I want to do that day, and I don’t have to follow a pre-set pattern. It’s fun playing in the sandbox.

4.  I received a phishing attempt on my AION account, and the gold-spammer / bot issues are still not resolved. Meh.

5. Crafting keeps me interested in Fallen Earth; it makes me want to punch a baby in AION.

~ by Drew on February 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Good choice 🙂 Fallen Earth is a great game, its not the most polished on the market but its great for just hanging around in.

    My sub is still running although I’ve not logged on for around a week, I actually think I’ll always have it running anyway just to support the devs and the game.

  2. Thanks 😀

    I really have enjoyed my recent forays into the wasteland. In fact, my motorcycle key is being crafted right now. When I get home, I’ll have the difficult choice of using it, or putting to more research for an “improved” bike.

    I, too, am really impressed by Icarus.

  3. nice i was gonna offer to make you one, Im got improved cycles but not the other books, Ill do that if/when i return

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