Fallen Earth – Who Am I?


 That’s her name – the rugged survivalist melee/crafter persona that I play in Fallen Earth. Slim was taken, and Slym just looked wrong, so Slymm it was – and is.

  When I first bought Fallen Earth, I wanted to make a pistoleer/crafter, but quickly decided that was going to be expensive and difficult as a first character. I settled on melee/crafter and I haven’t regretted it since; melee has a plethora of options available to it, I have nearly all three hotbars filled with buffs, debuffs, and special attacks. Combat is still fun, and can be pretty challenging against boss-type enemies.

 My goal is to level up all the tradeskills and use Slymm as the “mother” character – providing everything her “daughter” character, Shayla, could ever need. I have every intention of making her a ruthless wasteland sniper – a full-out rifles/pistols PvP build with no crafting.

 As I noted in my previous post and in some conversation with Pitrelli, I’m really enjoying the storyline. I figure that will carry me through to the current level cap with Slymm and then I can enjoy different aspects of the game with Shayla from ranged combat, to PvP, and whatever else Icarus has in store for the future.

~ by Drew on February 3, 2010.

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