Weekend Recap

Managed to fit in some play time this weekend for both Fallen Earth and WoW.

 Slymm is now at level 20, dual-wielding some crafting-skill 75 Melee Axes which are pretty stout. I finished up the New Toro Facility quests, completed the “You’re Dying” chain, and am just about ready to venture into Sector 2. Time to do some research on the Faction Wheel, I think.

 Really pleased with the progress in WoW this weekend. I made it into a really solid 25m ICC group in which we cleared the first wing with little difficulty. Unfortunately, it was two in the morning at that point and I could barely keep my eyes open. No loot, but did pick up a couple achievements and eight badges.

 (As a bonus, it was nice to compare my DPS to some other folks on the server – I was only outdone reguarly by a well-geared ‘lock. I was always even or ahead of similarly-geared SV hunters in the raid.)

 Also made it to Anub’arak on 10m Trial of the Grand Crusader – a first for our guild, really from a lack of effort. We’d made it to the PvP fight before, died once or twice and then ICC hit and we never really came back. The Anub fight looks very challenging, but I think we can pull it off with some practice. I picked up a nice in ring in there.

 Took out 25m VoA, as well, in a PuG. The new boss is more challenging than the other giants, but still pretty much a loot pinata. I think I nabbed a PvP belt there.

 So, that’s the weekend recap, looking forward to giving 10m ToGC another shot this week and seeing what kind of progress we can make on Icecrown.


~ by Drew on February 8, 2010.

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