“Open Beta”, “Head Start”, and More

  It appears the “Open Beta” for Allods starts on Tuesday, 2/16. As I understand it, “Open Beta” really means “Head Start”, as the characters created at this time will not be deleted upon the game’s actual “launch”.

 Regardless, I’m excited about the timing of the “Open Beta Launch” as I’m on vacation all next week – the type of vacation taken only to use up left-over time – and have nothing planned. Brannagar over at Corpse Run has piqued my interest in the Psionic class, which I’m pretty certain I’ll be giving a try.

 In WoW news, our guild was able to pull together an ICC 25 run and clear the first wing with only one wipe (Lady Deathwhisper). The 264 Zod’s bow dropped – I was extremely excited, only me and one other hunter in the raid. Then I rolled a 5. Oh well, there’s always next week!

 For kicks, I rolled up a fresh baby hunter. Slymm (I’m creative, I know) is decked out in all the finest heirloom gear and is going to do all those old world instances I never did the first time around. She’s also going to level up alchemy as a money-maker.

 In Fallen Earth, Slymm is slowly making her way up the northern road toward Sector 2. Finishing up some quests at the Oasis, then I’ll be trying my hand at the Faction game.

~ by Drew on February 12, 2010.

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