Getting Up-To-Date

  Slymm (Fallen Earth) is still waiting to make the trek to Sector 2. I’ve finished up the quests at the Oasis, I just want to read up on the Factions a bit more before deciding what route to go.

 I was able to run a few raids last week on my Hunter (WoW), picking up the Zod’s Repeating Crossbow I had rolled so miserably on the prior week. I also managed to pick up my 4th piece of 251 T10 – I was extremely lucky with drops in VoA – but did some testing and discovered I was doing better DPS with just a 2p T10 (251) + 2pT9 (245). The 20% AP proc, while appearing awesome for a BM-specced hunter, simply doesn’t happen enough to make it worthwhile.

 I’m saving up money to craft my ICC boots – buying Primordial Saronite when I can get it on the cheap in trade chat. That meant going back to the Pally alt scribe and taking over the glyph market to make some extra cash. It’s a whole different ballgame than when I made my initial fortune – back then glyphs were selling around 10g each. Now it’s down to 4.5g on average. It’s taking quite a bit longer, but still effective.

~ by Drew on February 23, 2010.

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