Generational Gap and PvP

 While  dueling with guildies in the sewers for kicks after raiding the other night this question popped into my head: “Is it primarily the younger crowd that relishes PvP?”

 I ask this because I am in a guild comprised primarily of parents; there are very few of us who don’t have a child. The average age is probably somewhere around 30-35, and we don’t make it a habit of inviting anyone under 18 to our ranks. We don’t have anyone in our guild who really PvPs seriously.

 I should say we “didn’t” have anyone. We recently have expanded – so much so that we had three 10 man groups go into ICC last night, and we actually fielded a full-guild run of 25-man ICC on Tuesday. Which I think is great; but in this expansion came a couple of younger players – I think they’re both 17. The new pally tank also has a PvP frost mage.

So, while the rest of us were goofing off doing silly things in duels in the sewers- seeing, for example, just how quickly my pet could kill another hunter’s pet in a 1-on-1 fight, this notion was apparently “srs bzness” to our new kid. In the few “real duels” we had that night, I was dominating people with my big red kitty spec. It’s borderline ‘unfair’ against most other classes, and again, particularly for those who don’t PvP often. But to everyone’s credit, they just laughed off how ridiculous the burst damage was and how all their cc/fear/etc. was useless. We were having  a good time laughing it up on vent.

So, naturally, Mr. PvP-pants comes down to the sewers and requests a duel with me as a result. I didn’t think anything of it, it’s a guildie and we’re just having fun, who cares if BW isn’t even up yet, I’ll give it a go.

I get slaughtered. As to be expected – this guy does Arena, has resilience gear, and knows how to play his spec – it’s a PvP character, after all. Then it happens.

/say “lol, nub”


To a guild mate? In “say”? When we’ve clearly just been dicking around for kicks? You essentially brought a gun to a pillow fight and feel the need to degrade someone you team up with for PvE publically. Wow.

Incensed by the reaction – I suggested in ‘say’ that we go again now that BW was up. The result was a much better fight that I still lost, but I made it a point to say “good job” afterward. Which, thankfully, was responded to in kind. Did the example just need to be made?

 I wonder if I’ve really strayed from the title a bit, because now I wonder if it’s just an e-peen thing, a “kid thing”, or a combination of both. What do you think? I just don’t know a lot of older PvPers, and I know that I certainly wouldn’t act like that towards a guildmate.


~ by Drew on February 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Generational Gap and PvP”

  1. Well, to be fair, you’re playing beastmastery.

    You might be on to something here, though. I’ve long been of the mind that any real drive for competitive play in an MMO is a younger man’s game – the older and more accomplished you feel in your day-to-day life, the less you feel the need to compete with other people. And PvP being by its very nature a competitive engine might really just feed upon itself.

    Then again, figuring out for sure one way or the other would require getting to know most of the people involved in PvP. I’ll pass.

  2. Hmm I’ve never understood the fascination with duels or Arenas for that matter, then again my PvP toon of choice is a Rogue and we are ninjas who attack when people are occupied 😉

    Ah roll on Cata where i can go back to ganking folk from stealth 🙂

  3. Like I said, we were just messing around doing silly stuff in the duels for the most part and one guy – a guildie – just took it to a whole different level. Surprised me, I guess.

    Oh you filthy rogues 😀

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