Early Arrival

 My Baldur’s Gate 4-in-1 DVD arrived in the mail yesterday, so I installed BG1 + Tales of the Sword Coast and managed to get in an hour or so of play. I’ve rolled a Bard – after playing through DA:O and seeing the impact of change with the (Persuade) feature, I’m hopeful similar options existed “back in the day”. That I honestly don’t remember, but who better than the charismatic Bard for such a task if it does? Regardless, I do remember the “Lore” feature being extremely handy, at least.

 In other “memories of Baldur’s Gate”, I was a little surprised to find that even though I haven’t played this game in over 10 years I still remembered every little detail about the starting city. Funny how that happens. At least it shouldn’t ruin much of the story for me, I don’t recall getting very far on the initial playthrough.

 Graphics are a little glitchy, so I probably need to see if there are some patches out there to smooth it out. At least the screen size isn’t shrunk down nearly as small as NWN is, though.

 So, in any event, I intend to finish up DA: Awakenings first and then I need to decide which route to go from there. The little one is visiting relatives next week, so I’ll have some extra time in the evenings, most likely. Perhaps I’ll just let whatever mood strikes me dictate what I’ll play – an oddly refreshing change after double-clicking the same icon without fail night after night!

~ by Drew on April 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Early Arrival”

  1. I just ordered my BG 4 in 1 after completing DA:O, but I haven’t purchased Awakenings yet. Would you recommend it? I played through BG, BGII and DA with a thief and am intending to go back through everything with a wizard. What were your thoughts on Dragon Age?

  2. I really, really enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins – the characters were engaging, the plot was cool, and I have already started my next playthrough with a female Human Noble Rogue (I want to be the Queen, ha!). I wasn’t ever really impressed with the combat much – it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great – but playing as a mage really made things too easy. AoE and mass-stun effects are just too good. So I’m undecided, but I’m either going to go at it alone (or just with the Dog) or try it with no mages, or maybe some combination with harder combat difficulty (beat it on Normal).

    Awakenings is a bit of a different beast – it’s more combat-oriented, there’s no romance options and some of the characters are just odd. There were some plot events that left me scratching my head, and to be completely honest as I neared the end of the game I simply tossed it on easy mode to finish it and be done with it. It doesn’t really hold a candle to DA:O, in my opinion, but again that could be because I went in as my overpowered mage from Origins. Maybe a better experience as a new or non-mage character? Worth a shot. The game isn’t bad – it’s just tough to stand up against the base game – Origins was phenomenal.

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