The Sky Is Falling!

 Syp is one of my favorite bloggers, but this post is just a bit overdramatic. We need to put this in perspective- ghostly flying mounts and vanity pets are not “must have” items – not even in “air quotes”. They’re not even legitimate almost-must have items like the $10 mount from Runes of Magic, or the infamous perfumes from Allods Online.

 Blizzard is capitalizing on the Facebook-style market and good for them. If people are going to pay $x for a virtual farmhouse, might as well make a buck (or 25) from people willing to show off in Azeroth. It’s better (at least as far as I’m concerned) than them raising the monthly fee for everyone to make more money.

 I’d like to call it a Vanity Tax.


~ by Drew on April 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “The Sky Is Falling!”

  1. bit disappointed by Syp to be honest, its a bit drama queen esk.

    Oh and cheers for backing me up lol I hadnt seem moj’s comment

    • I generally like Mojeaux – I have his blog in my roll and read it daily; but like SynCaine, he has a tendency to become irrational when the topic becomes WoW.

      • well I did also but I’ve noticed he has been bad mouthing me on a few blogs, lol lucky im thick skinned. I did note lonomonkey had to edit his post which Im guessing was about me for personal attacks so meh if he wants to behave like a big girl its up to him.

        ach Im not too fussed……. much

      • I wouldn’t worry about it, either. Sticks and stones and all that. 🙂

  2. The only thing Iono edited out was where I questioned your “retract this please” comment. I thought it odd, considering your whole lecture on what in essence amounted to “this is my blog and I can post what I want on it”. That’s all. Is that a personal attack or badmouthing or just a legitimate question?

    • I apologise for saying ‘retract this’ to lono so dont see where you are going with this, obviously I didnt see the post as lono edited it but as he said it included personal attack *shrug* I wont know I guess.

      I just find it laughable that you try and jump on everything I say, specifically in this case with regards to allods online as your point just doesnt make any sense.

  3. I didn’t personally attack you, and until our friend Drew mentioned you by name, I don’t think anyone else realized who I was talking about. Hell, even you didn’t catch it.

    And come on man, who’s being the hypocrite now?

    “Hypocrite”, used to describe me on Syp’s blog.

    And “big girl” on this one. Actually that one got a laugh, but come on now. Isn’t that a bit like calling the kettle black?

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