To Steal A Theme

Sometimes others just say it better:

SynCaine talks about F2P

This is the paragraph that rings truest to me, and nails the Allods issue entirely –

“On top of the higher price / lower return issue, the fundamental setup of a F2P game is not one I enjoy. You end up fearing every patch rather than looking forward to it. The next F2P patch is likely to add more items to the cash shop, ones you need to purchase to simply keep up. Or the addition is content only truly accessible with the aid of purchased items, either direct (gear) or indirect (XP tomes just to reach the entry level). And again, this is how it works. If the ‘convenience’ items are not needed and those who actively play see no reason to buy them, the company does not make money. If sales are slow, the solution is to make them more and more ‘required’ to play. It puts the devs AGAINST the players, rather than with them. At least in the sub model the dev’s goal is to keep you playing rather than paying, and they keep me playing by offering enjoyable content. A F2P game keeps me paying by continually increasing the cost of continuing to play the way I’m used to.”


~ by Drew on April 16, 2010.

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