Bad News For Icarus

 I’m a couple days behind on this news, but I’m pretty bummed to hear about the staff cuts for the developers behind Fallen Earth. While the game certainly has its flaws – chalk another one up to the “what do I do at end game?” conundrum, the gripping story line and unique playstyle is really what drew me to the title. I really have (had) intentions of going back to experience sector 2 and beyond, and I really hope the game doesn’t go under.

 Work is extremely busy these days, so I barely have time to read my favorite blogs, let alone write in mine. Hopefully that will change soon!


~ by Drew on May 4, 2010.

One Response to “Bad News For Icarus”

  1. Yeah I read this and a little bit of me died, whilst Im not currently playing it atm its the only MMO to really suck me in and get me immersed in its world since I started playing WoW all those years ago.

    As you say its certainly not the perfect MMO or a main stream title but its a step in the right direction game wise that brings a nice diversity to the norm. hmm perhaps I’ll resub for a month or so when I get my new pc.

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