Catch Up Time

 There have been a number of great posts in the blogosphere lately that have my mind spinning on several different topics. First, a brief update of what I’ve been doing:

Fallen Earth:

 Still my primary MMO. I have all but abandoned my melee/crafter, Slymm, in favor of my pistoleer/crafter, Slimm. (Creative, I know.) From the get-go, when I opened the Fallen Earth box I wanted to be a Tech. However, I struggled initially with the lack of ammo, and decided to just wail at mobs with crafted melee weapons. It was nice to be able to scavenge and carry more stuff, and make my own weapons, but as I moved into S2, I found the melee playstyle boring. I joined the Lightbearers, and well, frankly they’re just not my style. So, I went at it with the pistoleer I’d abandoned early on and with my increased knowledge of the game from playing 23 levels of melee, I’ve had a much better go at it this time. I really enjoy this character and expect I’ll level her to the cap. She has a respec item if I decide to swap her over to a PvP spec later on, but I suspect I’ll just respec Slymm (the melee/crafter), if I decide to go that route. She’s not so far into faction that it can’t be remedied later.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about it recently with the Massively weekly nights, so I decided to give it a legitimate shot. (I think I’d downloaded and played through one dungeon previously.) I’m playing a monk (had to pay to unlock the class, but it was relatively cheap), as it’s the class that most appealed to me – I hate the idea of multi-classing – and it’s a nice fantasy fix in lieu of WoW for now. I suspect this will be a once or twice a week game, which is okay as it’s non-subscription.


 I’m still doing the OOTP baseball league, although it looks like our commissioner is having some RL issues that have caused him to leave. I think we have someone lined up to take over, though, which is nice. I’ve also picked back up playing online poker. I’m decent at it, I normally win a few dollars, but not good enough to make a living out of it by any means. The former takes an hour here and there, and the poker is great because I can sit down at a ring game and play for 5 minutes or a couple hours.

Bottom Line:

 It still all boils down to the same thing – I need activities that don’t require set timelines. While I miss my WoW guildies, I don’t miss the stress that goes along with raiding at all. I don’t have to feel guilty because I can’t get logged in at 9pm, and I don’t have to feel bad about wanting to log out “early”, or not log in at all. It’s liberating.

Hot Topics That Interest Me:

 Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Events.

 SWTOR Story-Driven Gameplay.

 EQ2 Cat.

 WoW Cataclysm Release Date.

 FFXIV Release Date (not as hot as it should be, but man I can’t wait).

I’ll cover these and hopefully more in the coming days.

~ by Drew on June 1, 2010.

One Response to “Catch Up Time”

  1. Nice to see your enjoying Fallen Earth 🙂 its a cracking game. i’d probablly reup my sub today but a few mates have returned to WoW and I’m actually enjoying myself playing a hunter no less ;)(shock – horror).

    I also really want a Cataclysm release date. It would give me a kick up the ass and also let me set some goals in relation to my hunter and levelling him up. Im hoping its not going to be any later than October but you know blizzard…… ‘When its done!’

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