Early Morning Thoughts

 Go read this post by Syp right now. There are some excellent points raised in the comments section as well. Must everybody be so freaking negative all the time?

 This BRK vs. the Mage Bloggers issue is getting out of hand. It would benefit the former to apologize, and the latter(s) to realize that while it was a joke, in reality there aren’t many mage-specific blogs out there. Every search I tossed into google while leveling up my mage alt produced hits at one or two sites – mainly CriticalQQ (side note: so very sad he’s retiring the blog – great, great reads). I love the PPI, for example, but not really a mage blog, as she notes today. For the guy who thought she was a Paladin, though – I’m totally confused there.

 Final Fantasy XIV – I cannot wait. Same goes for Cataclysm, but if the former comes out first, Blizzard may never get my $50 bucks for the new WoW.  

 Fallen Earth – I’ve really made nice use of the crafting queue lately, as I’ve been spending much of my free time playing online poker again. On a bit of a roll, and hey, if I can have fun and make money, why not? I’m starting to understand the appeal of EVE “offline”, as some refer to it, and even AoC’s offline-leveling. It’s nice to be able to advance towards a goal while not directly playing (in this case, a Cargo ATV).


~ by Drew on June 3, 2010.

One Response to “Early Morning Thoughts”

  1. Syps post was a good un and Im surprised it didnt get more debate going to be honest.

    The BRK vs Mage (+ noisy rogue) thing has really been blown massively out of proportion and its starting to irk me a bit. Some are attacking the guy without even knowing how he operates and comes across. IMO he shouldnt apologise because it was tongue in cheek. A little dig at other classes is allowed I used to do it all the time as a rogue. Thicker skin required by some me thinks.

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