Return to Vana’Diel

 I knew it was coming when I made my way to Best Buy on lunch and purchased a Logitech GamePad for my PC. I had officially given in.

 When I first played FFXI with my roommate, we were both on PS2 machines in a room with three TVs – one for each console and one to watch, of course! Talk about bachelor pad, huh? When I returned to Vada’Diel the first time, I found the PC controls extremely awkward to manage. The GamePad has solved that issue – it felt so right to have the controller back in my hands. 

 I was back in a zone last night. After extensive patching, I managed to get in an hour of play or so – working on my 31 (now 32) DNC/BST out in the Eastern Altepa Desert throwing Giant Spiders at one another. It was a blast – it was a challenge – it was so much different than combat in any other MMO I’ve played since FFXI. Everything these days is so fast-paced; combat in FFXI is much slower. I have to think about what skills I want to use in certain situations, especially soloing as a DNC/BST, rather than just repeating a combat sequence.

 I missed FFXI, and I’m glad to be back. Now I just need to get my former roommate to join me again…

EDIT: Another fantastic post over at That’s A Terrible Idea about FFXI combat.

~ by Drew on June 8, 2010.

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