State of the Games (June)

 So I’ve cancelled my Fallen Earth subscription.


Never fear, it’s only because I’m going on vacation in a couple weeks and there’s not much sense in paying for it while I’m away. I’ll re-start the subscription once I return. I still very much want to get Slimm to the level cap and see all the content. I’m not sure I’ll bother PvPing very much, but the storyline still has me very interested, and I want to max out some crafting lines. 

 I can’t help but wonder if this should’ve just been a single-player game sometimes. The new Faction comm-lines help, but outside of that, unless you’re logged into the Help channel, there’s just not much chatter. The quests don’t generally require a group, and the immersion is the true draw for me. Perhaps I should give the Fallout series a spin sometime.

 I’ve officially returned to FFXI and am in the process of finding a Linkshell (LS). I might have convinced my former roommate to come back to the game – I really hope so – FFXI is a game enjoyed much better with a friend (or five).

 In other FFXI news, by a bizarre stroke of luck last night I stumbled across a post by my old LS Leader on the Allakhazam forums. A click on his profile led back to the old forums our crew used to have. Spent an hour or so just reading back through the old posts, it was uplifting; we had a really good time together and never once verbally spoke to one another. The power of the old school MMO.

 It appears he’s still playing, too, although he has several level 75s now and is likely in a HNMLS (serious Raiding Guild in the WoW equivalent) or some such, I’ll probably drop him a line just to say {Hello!}.

 Still holding off for Cataclysm on the WoW front, and stil intend to drop everything else when FFXIV releases.

~ by Drew on June 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “State of the Games (June)”

  1. That was the reason I quit, but only after level 10. No one talked in it outside of help, except for one person.

    And yeah, FFXI still keeps a hold on me too.

    • Yep, I guess if I joined a clan that would probably help make it feel not-so-lonely, but even then groups aren’t required to do any of the content. That’s in stark contrast to FFXI or WoW where joining a LS/guild opens up a multitude of content.

      FE is just fun, though, and I want to follow the plot through. Just not sure it’s really a MMO right now.

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