A Fun Fifteen-Minute Foray

 I made a comment on SynCaine’s blog yesterday about Wizard 101 that the combat was excruciatingly slow because of the animation from the card attacks. I had tried the game briefly several months ago and had not made it past the tutorial stages as a result. I loved Magic: the Gathering, and everything about Wizard 101 appealed to me from that regard, (the cartoony graphics were definitely a turn-off though) but watching the card animations made me want to cry. Someone else commented that they have since sped up the animations.

 They were right.

 I played for about 15 minutes and had a pretty good time. With a six year-old at home who is very interested in computers, this might be something we do together in the future. Heck, it might be something I log into every now and again on my own.

 In FFXI news, I found a linkshell and bought some new gear for my 32 DNC. I’m back to a /NIN sub because my BST is only level 28 right now, which makes charming mobs a bit of a challenge. [Theory is that charming mobs is based on your BST level, not your main job’s level, so as I get higher away from 28 with my Dancer, the harder it will become.] Since I’m not in the mood to level Beastmaster right now – I’m really enjoying the Dancer playstyle –  my plan is to use slightly lower Fields of Valor jobs, going through them at a solid pace and get up to 35-40. Then I’d like to go do the NPC fellow quest – speaking of other innovations in MMO gaming from FFXI, they had “companions” a long time ago. From there, who knows?


~ by Drew on June 10, 2010.

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