Quick Hitters – FFXIV Information

From Massively’s interview with Hiromichi Tanaka (Executive Producer of FFXIV):

Question: The skill bar on the the UI only has so many slots — is that all a player can have at once, or are there multiple bars?

Answer: We have points that you will be using to set your abilities. They’re slotted so that depending on your abilities, you’ll be consuming more points, so they will run out. In terms of number of abilities, it’s 30 abilities at most.

 I really like what I’m reading here. It sounds like a nice blend of Guild Wars (8 skills max), FFXI’s Blue Mage (points allocated to abilities), and DDO’s cross-class system (higher cost for abilities outside of primary class).

 Have I mentioned I can’t wait for this game to release?

~ by Drew on June 17, 2010.

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