Something Kept My Interest

As I’ve posted in the comments of some other blogs, I’ve really been going through a period of time where I can sit down at my computer and not find anything that I want to play. I can say that much of this stems from knowing that Final Fantasy XIV is releasing in three months and I don’t want to commit much time to character advancement only knowing I’m going to drop the game later – particularly if it’s sub-based. As such, FFXI is out.  And as much as I like Fallen Earth, the inventory management aspect is killing me. My former guild is falling apart in WoW, and Cataclysm won’t hit until after FFXIV which means I won’t see that in all likelihood. AION just holds no interest for me, anymore. Wizard101, while a nice change of pace, is just not a game I can play in long stretches. It’s a fun distraction. But then I remembered –


It’s F2P, I have quite a few Turbine points from when I tried it out a few months back, and I’ll have the option to play casually once FFXIV drops without feeling bad about a wasted subscription. Turbine really nailed it with DDO, a F2P game that doesn’t suffer from creating artificial roadblocks that must be purchased through in order to play the game normally. You really only need to pay for extra content, and even then if you were so inclined you could just grind the basic stuff. Wizard101 is similar, but there is a point where you have to purchase new content, which is still acceptable in my opinion- it’s similar to the Guild Wars model, which is great. As long as you’re not being forced to buy “death debuff perfumes” or other nonsense, it doesn’t feel like the devs are working to actively punish you.

So, with that said, my Monk is level 3 and made it to Stormreach, completing some quests there. I’m having a good time – the dungeons are nicely done, and the story is engaging. The combat is more than auto-aim, and while I’ve not yet used it the LFG feature seems extremely good. I expect this will be the primary game that tides me over until September.

~ by Drew on July 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Something Kept My Interest”

  1. Hmm never clicked with DDO myself but then again I was never a Dungeons & Dragons fan in my youth. It does seem to have improved immensely since I played it but I’m still not sure if it can ever pull me in.

    One things for sure I cant wait till LoTRO goes free to play – that will definately be getting a good run through as I gave up on it far too easily last time aka couple of days of free trial

  2. I’ve been trying bits of DDO recently because I want to see what’s in store for Lotro. So far it’s nice for a bit of dungeon smashing but I can’t seem to be able to sit in front of it for long periods. Curious to see how you’ll find it.

    • yup I think kaldeem played DDO for a quick fix and enjoyed it, and agree it might give a flavour of LoTRO and what is available via free play. I dont have high expectations but hey free is free so no loss either way.

      On another note Im away camping the end of the week onwards so I may not have your Q & A up till Tuesday

      • In fact you aint done one yet, doh its lonomonkey up next /facepalm.

        Well you get my Q & A done pronto

        *going for coffee*

      • Well, nonetheless, enjoy your camping trip!

        I’m surprised that DDO holds my attention so well, too, but I’ve come to discover that I really like dungeon-crawling. It’s like each quest has its own place in the world.

        Also, the customization options in DDO are second-to-none; I’m working on a second character already based on some posts I found on the forums. It’s a jack-of-all trades Rogue/Monk/Cleric build that will allow me to do what I really wish I could do on my pure monk – open locks, find secret doors, and disable traps. I hate feeling like I left loot behind!

    • So far, so good. I think as long as I can continue to plow through new content, I’ll be fine. Once (or if) I have to start grinding the same dungeon(s) repeatedly, that may cause my interest to wane. I was never a fan of daily quests in WoW; it literally pained me to get the Crusader achievement. Hopefully that won’t happen before FFXIV drops. 🙂

  3. I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I’ve been devoting a lot of time to WoW but knowing that FFXIV is coming makes it feel a bit like wasting time. DDO is a good game but I’m with Pitrelli, it never really clicked with me in any long lasting way. It’s a great diversion, though. Myself, I’ve been spending more time with my console and single player games. Have you tried Dragon Age? Fantastic game and it’s sure to last a while, too.

    • Yep, I finished Dragon Age and Awakenings earlier this year; although this post reminds me – I believe I saw that a new DLC is coming out today, something about Leliana’s Past? She was my PC’s love interest in the game, and the character I most liked, so this is definitely something I want to check out.

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