Dragon Age: Leliana’s Song

 Warning, there may be spoilers.

I loved Dragon Age: Origins. A lot. Like “Best Game Ever” a lot. I liked Dragon Age: Awakenings okay.

I love Leliana – I mean, literally, my character romanced her. Her backstory is intriguing, and she was cute, vicious, and quirky all at the same time. Her DLC for Dragon Age, though, was a complete failure.

Firstly, the story doesn’t even fit the tale you’re told during DA:O. That one took place in Orlais – and while I understand that creating a whole new country simply for a $6 or $7 download doesn’t make much sense, neither does breaking your own lore when you’re the torch-bearers of “story matters”.

Secondly, I finished it in under two hours. I unlocked all the achievements on the first playthrough alone, and the ending was pretty unsatisfactory. [Before you point out the obvious (that being that we already knew the conclusion), remember that Titanic was a box-office smash and everyone knew the boat was going to sink. But I digress.] Two hours? I realize the DLC wasn’t exactly expensive, but that’s pretty weak.

Overall, I’m disappointed in BioWare for releasing Leliana’s Song. As much as I love her character, why not do Morrigan instead? At least they could have recycled the environments without cheapening the experience.

Save your cash and wait for Dragon Age 2. I still am in spite of this because DA:O was so amazingly good.

~ by Drew on July 13, 2010.

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