Passing the Time

 So, it’s about one month until Final Fantasy XIV releases (for the Collector’s Edition, which I’m 99% sure I’ll be pre-ordering here shortly), so what have I been playing to pass the time?

 Well, I’ve been hopping in and out of a few things, really. Much of my gaming time for the earlier part of my “WoW retirement” was spent playing DDO. It’s a pretty good game, and I like it. The combat is cool, and the community is pretty good. I can only run so many dungeons in a day, however, and I think I burned myself out of it – entirely my fault.

 I played AION over the “come back for free weekend” and had a pretty good time. Aesthetically, this is still my favorite game; the character models and landscapes are gorgeous. I really like the chain-skill combat, as well, for some reason. I decided to give it another month of play to try out some new classes and get into a little PvP. I now have a Sorcerer at level 30, and a baby assassin who is level 12. I really dig the assassin’s combat style; it’s very active and entertaining for a tab-target game. The community seems to have improved since last I left, but there’s still plenty of complaining going on in the forums (much of it deserved for the free transfer fiasco that left servers basically in a PvE state).

 And lastly, I re-upped for another month to Fallen Earth because it was $4.99. I was between AION and FE for what to play this month, and with that cost, it made the choice easy – do both! The storylines make this game; I’m not playing for any reason other than to try and advance through as many quests as I can – I love immersing myself in the stories of the Wasteland. The combat is good, and they have fixed many of the rubber-banding issues I experienced last time I was here.

 It’s doubtful I’ll play much of DDO, AION, or Fallen Earth once FFXIV releases, but they’re nice distractions for now.


~ by Drew on August 23, 2010.

7 Responses to “Passing the Time”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying AION. Stick with that Assassin, they’re a ton of fun to play.

    • It’s funny, because in just about every forum post I read, you’d think Assassins are terribad and you should be shot for wanting to play one. I understand that the L40 un-stun (I think?) ability each class got kinda screws with them, but is it so bad to make the class the red-headed stepchild of the game?

      I figure, at worst, I’ll at least be able to have some fun rifting with her, right? 🙂

      • Oh absolutely! Rifting is where Sin’s really shine. And that “unstun” ability is much ado about nothing. The Sin has so many stun abilities that it really doesn’t matter if they can negate one of them. As usual, the cry baby’s have made it seem like the end of the class etc.

  2. I tried to return to Fallen Earth with the 12 free days but alas I just couldnt get back into it. I think I should have rolled a new toon to be honest because embarrasingly enough I’d forgotten how to play and became frustrated.

    • So…many…hotkeys. So…much…inventory.

      I became so frustrated with space last night that I just sold a bunch of S1 mats to the vendor. Could I have made a bunch more on the AH? Probably. Was it worth the time? Nah.

      I love the crafting, and if I had the time to invest in FE as my only game, I’d be all over it. As it is, I just want to read the stories; it’s more like an interactive movie for me at this point.

      • agreed the story and questlines are probably the best scripted I’ve seen in an MMO. A lot of them dont take themselves too seriously and are indeed tongue in cheek but yeah it just works 🙂

  3. @Mojeaux: Surely you jest! Someone overreacting on a MMO forum? 😀

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