Thought of the Day

 What if Fallen Earth had a combat system similar to Guild Wars? I don’t mean tab-target, I mean in that you could only select a certain number of skills (8 in Guild Wars), rather than having three hotbars filled with random buffs and mutations. Use the AP system to determine a set amount of “points” that could be allocated to make up your skillset, and allow some flexibility – I’m thinking similar to FFXI’s blue mage, here.

Seriously – I’m only level 24 in Fallen Earth, and I have three full hotbars, and some abilities that aren’t even assigned (the 24hr buffs). That is just way too much crap to micromanage. Hell, I don’t even know what some of the icons are without moving my mouse over them. Granted, that has a lot to do with the fact that I just returned to the Wasteland from a pretty lenghty hiatus, but that’s just insane. Before I go into combat there are at least six self-buffs I ensure that I have, and that doesn’t even count consumables.

I like choices, but I can’t imagine high-level PvP without a macro-mouse or something. Heck, PvP now would be challenging enough. I have a similar problem in AION, but with chain-skills at least the follow-up attack is on the same hotkey, however potions and scrolls are going to land on my hotbars for any serious PvP, and DDO with all the “clickies” just for PvE.

I did not have this problem in WoW, but then again the BM rotation isn’t complicated. Heck, even MM and SV rotations could be done on one hotbar. Maybe it’s different for arena PvP, but I was able to more than hold my own in BGs and the like without a huge setup.

Am I the only person that hates having 36 relevant buttons to push? (And by push, I mean with my fingers – I’m not a mouse-clicker.)  I never got much into Guild Wars (I think I just came along too late, spoiled by other games), but I love the simple complexity of choosing only 8 skills to take along for the ride. Perhaps 8 isn’t the right number any more, but I’m pretty certain 36+ isn’t, either.

~ by Drew on August 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Thought of the Day”

  1. Nice idea and its one I’d like to see implemented, when I logged back into FE I was welcomed by empty hotbars which didnt exactly fill me with joy. That and trying to remember how to play just proved too much for me.

    If Im being picky I’d also like to see them tidy up the icons a little bit as some of them look a bit like a kid drew them.

    • Thanks; I think we both know that would be an overhaul of the entire system and isn’t very likely to happen, but I think it would really add value to the game. There is just way too much stuff going on with those icons (and yes, some are terrible drawings).

      • agreed especially with the reduced staff, as you say though it would definately make a positive impact on the gaming experience. Even creating ‘chain moves’ like aion would reduce the number of buttons and make combat a bit more interesting and manageable.

        Still Fallen Earth remains a relatively hidden gem and I’ll always have fond memories of my play time there and will return from time to time but I will admit Im intrigued to see what the FallOut MMO will learn from it and what improvements they can and will make on FE.

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