More Time With FFXIV

I managed to get in a decent amount of play time this weekend, so here’s the skinny:

* I decided I might want a second character to do magery/other crafts with, so I did just that (and multiple characters are free during the first month). Well, sort of. See, when I went to select the server, Mysidia (Tyko’s original home) wasn’t available – it’s full. So, the new character Psonja Zion is going to be the new “main”, and I’ll be deleting Tyko and re-creating him on the new server tonight. (Saronia, I think?) I simply cannot have a male pugilist; THE SUBLIGAR – IT BURNS! Hopefully the robes and such are less offensive.

* The lack of an Auction House is painful. I get what they’re trying to accomplish with the Market Wards, but until a search function is implemented, or you can buy items with your retainer that you don’t currently own, it’s rough. (You can have your mule buy stuff for you at a set price, but in order to list it as a need, you have to own one – not a problem if I’m looking for Crystal Shards, a bit of a problem if I want some new pants.)

* When doing Local Leves (Crafting), be sure to use all the materials, even if you’ve met the required number earlier. Much like AION – these are free “work orders” where you need to provide X of an item, but are given Y materials. Not only is this an opportunity to get more XP and Rank XP, if you create “extra” items, the appraisal rating will improve – increasing your reward.

* Crafting items above your current Rank is only going to frustrate you. I strongly suggest skilling up and coming back to it once you’re at the same Rank or higher as the item you’re trying to craft. (Level 7-8 Goldsmith trying to do Rank 10 Goldsmith Leve is painful.)

* When fighting monsters, circling around them seems to work. I’m able to hit the mob, rotate 180 degrees around it and smack it with my next ability often resulting in an “attack from the rear” or at worst, at least from the left or right. I have to wonder if this is intended for solo play – it seems awfully good. (Note to self: check on forums for comments about this.) This is also a feature that’s easier to do on the keyboard, so now I find myself maneuvering non-combat with the gamepad and fighting using the keyboard.

So, the “new main”, Psonja, is Physical Level 13, PGL 10, Miner/Goldsmith/Leatherworker all in the 7-8 range. She’s just started the next part of the main storyline quest (I began in Ul’dah) – which I understand advances every 10 Ranks.

 I love the game, but it certainly will not be for everyone. It is a much slower pace than WoW, and the crafting/gathering mini-games that I enjoy will become a source of much frustration for some folks, I’m sure, as well as the “grinding” for levels, too. Once you’ve completed your levequests for the day (and a half), you really are relegated to killing mobs in the field – but it’s been a good chance for me to explore. Also, it looks like the Crafting leves are daily, and those are taking a good chunk of time. It’s not like I’m lacking for things to do.

And have I mentioned the game is absolutely gorgeous? (Subligars aside, of course. They even look bad/ridiculous on the female avatars.)

EDIT: Awesome crafting guide link here.

~ by Drew on September 27, 2010.

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