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 I joined a Linkshell last night, and it looks to be a very friendly group of people – many of whom played in the Beta and had some good insight to offer. We have a nice base of crafters/gatherers established and cover all three starting City-States and a solid website; I’m very pleased with my decision to land there.

 I managed to get both Leathercrafting and Goldsmith up to Rank 10 last night. This is big news because at that Rank you get “Abilities” to go on your crafting bar. There’s no explanation (surprise, surprise – thanks SquareEnix!) of how these abilities work, and the execution is simply terrible. So let me tell you how they work:

* There are five bars in your “Actions & Traits” menu, three are hotbars for your combat, the fourth is something I’ve not encountered yet (Traits, I believe), and the last bar is for your Crafting Abilities. Drag and drop the abilities there.

* Depending on what Rank your crafting is, you will get a number of action points to allocate just like with your combat hotbars. The Rank 10 abilities each cost 4 points, and at Rank 10, I think I had 10 available points – so I could equip both of my crafting abilities.

* I have two abilities that increase some portion of the crafting process (I think one increases quality and the other success rate). Now, how do I use them? They appear randomly during the synthesis process as a selectable option just like “Standard Synthesis”, “Rapid Synthesis”, “Bold Sythesis”, or “Wait”. The kicker? There isn’t enough room in the normal crafting window for a fifth option, so you’ll only know it’s there by seeing a scroll bar appear on the right side of those options! By scrolling down you’ll find one of the choices when it appears. Holy smokes, that’s terribly done. C’mon, guys.

I also leveled Marauder up to Rank 4 last night and picked up a couple new abilities there, one of which is a nice little AoE. The great thing is this can be moved over to my Pugilist’s action bar (and it has), as Seismic Strike only hits targets in a line and I’ve generally found it to be less than useful.

I’m really enjoying all the options the game has to offer – there’s clearly some work yet to be done, but it’s been good fun. Looking forward to my next venture into Eorzea.


~ by Drew on September 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “More FFXIV Stuff”

  1. What’s your Linkshell and on what server again? I need to keep better track of which blogger is playing where. 🙂

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