Final Fantasy XIV and Me

It’s a love-hate relationship at the moment.

I love the idea of being able to level up as a crafter or gatherer class. Truly, it’s a great concept.

I hate the idea that I can’t sell my stuff reasonably, and that my inventory is a mess.

Desperately needed: Search functionality (hello, DDO update 7!) or an Auction House. This Market Ward system DOES NOT WORK. The suggested fix – higher taxes on items in the wrong ward and more retainers per person – will not work, either. It will serve only to clog up the wards even more, and unless the tax is hefty – and I mean huge – will not discourage people from selling goods because of how cumbersome the bazaar system is. Oh so many windows to click through just to put an item up for sale… I’ll get to that in a minute.

Oh, and whomever it was that thought four versions of the same crafting material (normal, +1, +2, and +3) was a great idea with limited storage capacity? You’re an idiot.

Sad lament: where is my Mog House?

I love the idea of being able to learn abilities from multiple classes and mix them into my own “job”. Extremely cool.  

I hate the fact I have to set up macros to change skills and gear which change every time I get a new piece.  Not cool.

Desperately needed: Gear/skillset memory. When I change to Conjurer from Pugilist, that hotbar should be saved and pull up automatically.

I love the idea of meaningful crafting. Make it worthwhile – this was a big draw of Fallen Earth for me.

I hate the fact it takes three minutes to make an item because of the interface lag and wait times.  Oh, the User Interface… oh…my…

Desperately needed: Quicker interface and fewer window confirmations. This really goes for the game as a whole – it feels like I’m slogging uphill through the mud for so many things.

 Repairing an item on your own? Must be using the right class, unequip the item, and then repair using the right material. Don’t even get me started on finding out which item it is in your inventory that is causing the “Gear Damage” debuff. (hint: go through each item equipped, select it, confirm that, and look at the durability number i.e. 5424/18555). Can’t the item background on the character sheet turn yellow or red or something?

 Don’t get me wrong – I love a lot about the game, it’s just that the “desperately needed” items are such show-stoppers for me that I’m seriously considering playing just through my “free” month and waiting until some of these things get resolved before subscribing. I try to remind myself that the point of the game is to enjoy the ride – I’m certainly not concerned about hitting max level or raiding – but if  the ride can be so cumbersome that I can’t enjoy it… well, you see the problem.

 This is all coming from a self-proclaimed “fanboi” who was looking at FFXIV as his last MMO. Imagine the reaction – or don’t, rather just go look at the comments on any post on Massively talking about FFXIV – of the general public. This game may bleed out more subs come November than any other MMO in history if they don’t move quickly. And it’s a shame, too, because they’ve built a beautiful world with some really novel concepts. It’s just that a lot of them are walled up behind a ridiculous and slow UI (even with a controller – I pity those of you playing this on a keyboard) and a horrible market system.


~ by Drew on October 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIV and Me”

  1. Man that sucks! I’m sorry to hear that it’s not what you had hoped for. 😦

    Hopefully they’ll get those things worked out. I was actually thinking about getting this game as something different to do, but now after reading your latest post, I think I’ll wait it out.

    • Thanks, man.

      I absolutely would wait it out. I’m optimistic that SE will fix the things they need to fix; I don’t see how they can expect the game to thrive, otherwise. They have a good track record from late in FFXI’s existence (making it more solo-friendly), so I’m applying that logic, here. If not, I suspect much of the player base on the NA side will disappear in time.

  2. […] I know the game received less than favourable reviews, hell even a self confessed Final Fantasy fanboy was left bitterly disappointed in it however Final Fantasy just has a much bigger pull to me than […]

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