Looking Forward

 I sat down to play FFXIV last night and managed to plow through a couple local levequests (crafting), as well as a Behest. It took me 45 minutes to knock out 5 of the local leves. You can do up to 8 per day. I realized something as I sat there and mindlessly clicked through the synthing options – I hated most of the Argent Crusade daily quests in WoW. So much so that I refused to do them. It took me forever to get the “Crusader” title, but I finally did – by doing the quests I did enjoy. So why am I punishing myself with these terrible crafting leves? To rank up? For what? So I can try to make a new piece of gear for my Pugilist? A piece of gear that will likely require at least one item from a different craft I don’t have – and I’m doing three – that I’ll have to bug someone from my LS to make for me, or search the Market Ward for God knows how long to find? “Casual” approach for FFXIV? Shenanigans.

 I’m done.

 I cancelled my subscription to FFXIV last night. When the free month expires, I’ll not be billed.

 I don’t anticipate logging back into Eorzea until there’s an Auction House (or other reasonable search feature) in place and the interface lag is lessened. These two things are non-negotiable for me. Period.

 I play games to relax, and FFXIV has been an exercise in frustration. I gave DDO no leeway on its horrible AH (which they’re addressing with the next update), so FFXIV should be no different. And my God, until you play FFXIV you can’t truly appreciate how SLOW the UI is. Unwieldy I can deal with – I have a controller. But the lag. THE LAG!

I’m going back to something else – what that will be, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m going to focus on FUN, though, this time.

Side note:  Fallout: New Vegas comes out in two weeks, I’ll definitely be playing that.


~ by Drew on October 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “Looking Forward”

  1. So sad to know you won’t be playing when I start. 😦


    • Yeah, I’m really disappointed. Square-Enix had the perfect opportunity in front of them with Cataclysm still months away and they totally dropped the ball. You simply cannot release a game with such strong gathering and crafting mechanics and no reasonable way to trade. Simply mind-boggling. Was it all an effort to combat RMT? If so, it was way over the top.

      I’m still hopeful they’ll rectify it – I really am. I don’t see any way this game sees the same level of success its predecessor had without it.

      The UI – nothing could have prepared me for that. Like I said, it’s not the layout, which is very FFXI-esque, it’s the sheer slowness that kills me. That might be a harder problem to fix…

  2. sorry to hear that it hasnt worked out……..yet! Im sure they will implement a fairer and better trade system especially if it has a dramatic effect on sub numbers. It is surprising to say the least considering ingame trade and economy is one of the nig things in MMOs these days.

    I will look forward to your patch 4.0 thoughts and Cataclysm 😉

    • It really is mind-boggling. How do you release a game that heavy on crafting/gathering with no feasible trade methods? I’m floored.

      As for WoW, there’s a good chance I’ll undertake the Cataclysmic experience now – I don’t envision a UI and market overhaul happening in two months for FFXIV. (I could be wrong.)

      From a hunter’s perspective, I’m extremely curious to see how the new mechanics play out.

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