Return to…


It’s been five months since I left WoW, and I decided to drop in on my old guildmates to see how things were going. Only when I got there, my guildmates were no longer in the guild. The core group had broken off to form a much smaller guild, and a couple stragglers had moved to other guilds entirely. Regardless, it was a pretty funny exchange when I sent the former guild leader a tell:

“Got any room in that guild for a wayward hunter?”

“You’re alive!”

I was quickly ushered a ginvite and greeted with a chorus of  “We missed you!” and “Welcome back!”. We caught up for a bit, and it was nice.

This is definitely what I missed most about WoW. While the community on the whole might be a trainwreck, there’s a little spot on Ghostlands that feels like home. It’s good to be back.  

 Now to figure out what I want to accomplish before the world gets blown up in two months. I know taking out the Lich King is one of those things.

 …and after my FFXIV experience, I wanted to kiss my computer screen when the old, familiar, responsive UI was there.


~ by Drew on October 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Return to…”

  1. Yep, I think I may have gotten caught up in the hype as well. I’m actually contemplating playing WoW, if only to check out the Cat expansion. As Pitrelli said (Gawd I hate it when he’s right ;-)) that one should give it a try as a blogger, if only to praise or critique it with authority.. Hell, I’m not even sure what server I was on when I left it back in 2006.

    • I didn’t really leave WoW angsty or anything, I was just looking for something to do beyond just the raiding grind. I’ve been known to take periodic breaks – this had been the longest by far since I started playing.

      But yeah, I’m definitely excited to try out the new hunter mechnics and the Cata stuff when it releases.

      Also considering a little AION, as well; I still want to see how the ground Abyss plays out.

      Then there’s DDO once update 7 hits – a searchable auction house fixes that game for me (are we seeing a trend here? ;))

      So many games to play, so little time…

      • Yeah, I didn’t really leave WoW hating it or anything, I just hated the effect of WoW’s success on the rest of the genre. /shrug

        As for AION ground Abyss, unless you have a level 50+ toon, you won’t be able to give that a try. I’m at level 43 with my Sin and I’m just logging in to do daily runs of the new(ish) Kromede’s Trial instance. I’ve sort of hit a wall with progression as most of the people in my guild are either too high a level to help me out, or not on when I’m on (which is unfortunately late in the evening). That’s one of the reasons I’m looking to branch out with my choice of games. And I agree with the sentiment “So many games, so little time…”, much more so being married 😉

      • Wait until the rugrats come along – ours is six and keeps us quite busy. 🙂

        My highest level AION character is at 30, I believe; so I’ve got a ways to go yet for ground Abyss. What server are you on these days?

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