Things That Make You Go “Hmm…”

Not much going on last night in WoW, it’s apparently not a raiding night for the new guild (Note to self: Finding out what the new schedule is would probably be a good idea, huh?). So I fired up AION, loaded the updates and re-upped for a month. Side note: This is a nice feature – AION and WoW both allow you to update the game even if you’re not subscribed at the time. Fallen Earth and FFXI did not (and I presume FFXIV won’t, either). This is an annoying feature.

Anyhow, I was met with a tremendous amount of lag. This was extremely unsual based on what I remembered of anything other than the first couple of days in the game.

There I was – in Heiron – and there were tons of people, many of them running into walls or shop counters. Why in the world are they doing that? Well, about 15 minutes later it became clear – I got some sort of item in my inventory just for being online.

I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea, but it’s not.

So, I did a couple quests, and headed back to Sanctum to sell some things. I did a quick search online for what this “Heat” thing is, and found out about the swimsuits. Which are selling for absurd prices in the Broker. All this lag for a shot at a few million Kinah.

Didn’t they learn anything from the Private Store debaucle at launch?

 Oh well, I had fun killing stuff. I really like AION’s combat mechanics; for a tab-target MMO they’re pretty darn good. (This is not intended to be an insult, but I really think FE and DDO have more gripping, interactive combat styles.) The chains are interesting, and the movement mechanics are a nice touch, albeit more relevant for melee. I’m playing my Sorc, though, as she’s the highest level and I really want to experience the ground Abyss, which is going to require me getting a character near or at the level cap.

 Also I watched the Fallout: New Vegas trailers online. It’s basically Fallout 3 in Las Vegas. And that makes me happy, presuming there’s as much stuff to do there as there was in the Capital Wasteland. I suspect there will be.

EDIT: I’d like to direct your attention to this post by Tipa. I think she does a great job nailing what’s changed over the years for your average MMO gamer, and probably part of the reason I’m so dissatisfied with FFXIV’s slow interface and inconvenient market system.


~ by Drew on October 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Things That Make You Go “Hmm…””

  1. Yeah the “Summer Heat” event (and I use the term “event” loosely) is pretty dumb in my opinion. In fact, just about all of AION’s events have been less than inspiring, usually involving a bunch of useless, trivial items.

    • This is the first “event” that I can remember – I think I missed “Dash of the Daevas” or whatever it was called. Not impressed. Then again, I don’t do holiday events in WoW, either, so maybe I’m just not an event guy.

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