Game Summary (MMO)

Why I’m Playing (or about to be playing) What I’m Playing:

Just a brief post today.

World of Warcraft

* My Guildies.

* I want to kill the Lich King.

* Easy to pick right back up and get into.


* Nice graphics and fluid combat – I like the chain system.

* I want to try out Ground Abyss PvP.

* Checking out improvements – and it’s improved.


* Auction House search fixes the primary issue I had with the game (coming soon).

* Conveniently packaged quests with estimated length makes it easy to plan out a play session (see Tipa’s post yesterday linked in my last post).

* Interactive combat is more fun than tab-target.


~ by Drew on October 8, 2010.

One Response to “Game Summary (MMO)”

  1. i want to kill the linch king too its doing my headin for hours.

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