Quick Update – 10/13

 Didn’t have much time to play this weekend as we had visitors and took a somewhat impromptu vacation. What little game time I did have, I spent playing DDO. I rolled up a character on the Cannith server to play with the Massively guild, OneDAwesome, and ran through some Coin Lord favor dungeons to work toward getting that 4th bag slot.

I don’t think I’ll play much AION, unfortunately. With WoW patch 4.0.1 dropping yesterday, I’m anxious to get in there and mess around with the new hunter mechanics. I’m really enjoying DDO, so I anticipate that’s where I’ll spend the remainder of my play time. Then, come 10/19, I’m going full-Fullout mode.

Which sort of (in a post-apocalyptic segue) brings me to another interesting tidbit I saw yesterday – a big Combat Update for Fallen Earth. One that is desperately needed, in my opinion, and might bring me back to try it out for a month or two. I love Fallen Earth’s immersion, but the combat was kind of easy for PvE (melee was REALLY dull), which was a turn-off, and the crafting rocks – except for all that inventory!

FFXIV has some planned fixes coming soon; I’m crossing my fingers they address my major concerns appropriately.

~ by Drew on October 13, 2010.

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