Monday Morning Thoughts


Reading through the blogosphere, there is a prevailing theme I absolutely agree with – watching your bars/screens for random procs is not “fun” or “challenging”, it’s annoying. I feel for Paladins. It’s one of the reasons (other than the point of a hunter in my mind being about the Pet) that I never cared much for Survival spec.


I tried. I really did. I un-cancelled (is that a word?) FFXIV and went back for a few hours. Market Wards still suck, just like I said they would – “Tax” is not enough deterrent to get people to put stuff in the “right” place. Plus, with only 10 bazaar slots, unless you’re making a dedicated salesman of one type of item, it’s just stupid.

 Look, it’s very simple: search feature or AH now or this game will die a horrible death. Sure, DDO existed for awhile without one, but DDO isn’t crafting-driven like FFXIV is. And even DDO is adding a search feature. Just because WoW has an Auction House doesn’t mean it’s the devil; hell, FFXI had one. Your game doesn’t have to do everything differently. Admit the Market Ward idea doesn’t work and move on – quit being so stubborn.

Interface is still laggy. Combat and gathering are still pretty fun. Crafting is boring as all hell after the fifth repetition of local leves. Can’t do it. I’m so bummed.


Had a lot of fun with OnedAwesome this weekend – they were kind enough to run with me through the Sentinels questline and upgrade some monk bracers. Good people and a fun game; had a nice time.

Fallout: New Vegas

I actually picked up Fallout 2 cheaply this weekend and played it for a couple hours. The graphics are so terrible on Windows 7, and I’ve found a “fix”, but it’s still a little swirly. Anyhow, I can see why this game got such great reviews, it really is quite fun, even given how dated it is. Tomorrow is the drop date for F:NV and I am so psyched to play it.

~ by Drew on October 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Monday Morning Thoughts”

  1. yup woe is me and my damn ret paladin 😦 whoever designed the holy power and random procs need a kick in the balls.

    Rant over !

    In other news my death knight hit 66 and is actually suprisingly fun to play. Roll on the 7th of December !

    • Glad to hear you’re liking the DK changes, at least. That’s always been a fun class for me to play, as well, just never managed to get my DK up to 80, as I was generally doing stuff with the hunter or making money on the Pally with glyph sales.

  2. Oh suprisingly fallout wasnt even on my radar that may well be the ticket to tide me over till cataclysm arrives.

  3. I’m with you on the FFXIV changes. They’re a first step but not enough. I was able to find what I wanted the first time in about five minutes. The next time was more like twenty. Good luck if you’re looking for something rare or hard to find.

    I’d keep an eye on it. Things should be much improved after the late November update. The mid-December is planned to tie up the bulk of players concerns. After those two go in, it should be in much better shape.

    Not sure yet if I’ll get New Vegas. I’m not a huge post-Apoc fan, but the gamer in me keeps feeling like I must be missing something since so many people love it. The first one just felt so directionless; my gamer ADD eventually won out and I moved on shortly after blowing up megaton (I think that’s the name of the town). Let me know what you think of it, though. If enough people like it, I’ll probably give it a shot. With next month bringing so many good games, I’ll have to do some trade-ins to play everything I’m interested in.

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the December updates do fix the Market system and some of the UI lag. If those two things are resolved, there’s a really nice world underneath all that mess.

      As for F:NV, if it’s as advertised – basically Fallout 3 in Vegas – I’m sure I’ll love it. I’ve found a soft spot for Post-Apocalyptic settings after Fallen Earth, and really enjoyed a lot of the dark humor, fun exploration, and engaging storyline. I’ll be certain to keep everyone posted!

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