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I found this quip from Emyln on Game By Night’s latest post about SW:TOR.

If TOR can deliver at least that 98 hours of immersion, I don’t need much more. With regards to the end game? We will see what they come up with. but I’ll say this, if Dragon Age was an MMO, I would be in there right now clearing the mage tower for the 9999 time with a other folks.

I like Star Wars, but I’m not a fanatic – I really don’t anticipate picking up SW:TOR. But Dragon Age as an MMO? I’d be one of those folks Emyln would be clearing the Mage Tower with for the 9999th time.

~ by Drew on October 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Comment of the Day”

  1. Ok now you REALLY are one of my favorite peoples. I have always championed DA MMO. Heck, I would promise untold wishes to be in the beta.
    I’ve also said that Mass Effect would be a good MMO (I’d rather see DA though), I’m slightly disappointed that Bioware went with SW. I guess they assume there would be more SW fans than others.

    • Yeah, while I don’t necessarily think it will be a huge population of non-MMO gaming Star Wars fans they’ll pull in, there is at least a secondary market available to them going that route. The only Mass Effect or Dragon Age fans to capture would be those whole already played the games. (Well at least until they make movies set in Ferelden or Orlais, right? ;))

  2. Did ya see my hate comment about the noble dwarf story? ~ Just making sure, I want everyone to know my feelings on that. 😉

    I plan on playing SW for a few reasons, not because I like SW itself. (Its ok – I liked LoTR but I didn’t get caught up in the MMO.)

    Hey – heard today the dude that voiced Arl Eamon is going to be Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit movie.

    • I did see it – twice, even. 😀

      Left a response about those nasty dwarves, too.

      I’m just tired of buying MMOs, I think. I’d decided a year ago that FFXIV was going to be my last one, but as disappointing as that was, hmmm…

      Loving Fallout: New Vegas right now!

  3. I agree – FONV is pretty great. Although it seems to freeze up my Xbox a little too much. I was also a fan of FO3.

    I’m always looking for my next MMO.. I haven’t played WoW since late last year (headed up a hard-core raiding guild and basically burnt out). Before that I was into EQ for a long time. Since WoW I’ve tried Aion, LoTR…but nothing so far. SW:OR is my next hope, or Tera. Until then I waste my time on DA, Mass Effect, and random games here and there. 🙂

    • You sound a lot like me (again) – I keep trying to find the new “home” without much success. FFXI was it for a long while, then WoW, but right now, it’s the single-player games dominating my free time.

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