A View From the Other Side

In sarcastic contrast to Spinks’ post today implying that all human DPS suck, and hunters especially:

But what my tank  hunter would really like for Christmas is a pet dps tank and healer. I’m happy to run with player-healers DPS, they’re usually pretty cool quiet. But my game would be so much more fun if I could have NPC dps tanks and healers instead of players. Imagine not having to fight with your group all the time. Or people yelling at you to gogogo. Or people jumping straight into fights before you have threat because that 0.5s at the beginning is oh-so-important for dps. listen to them ramble on about how they are the most important member of the group, and constant reminders that you can sit and wait for another 15 minutes in the Dungeon Finder queue if you don’t want to do things their way. Man, NPC tanks and healers would rock over these prima donnas.

Reminder: it’s people that make the game “un-fun”, not the role.

Edit: For completion’s sake, the same could be said for ‘l33t DPSers’ – you know the kind I’m talking about – the game would be better without them, too. Just rather defeats the purpose of the satire to include them above.


~ by Drew on October 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “A View From the Other Side”

  1. It’s all the same for everyone. My strategy now is to see how I can cause a wipe when people are asses to me. I am silent as the grave in LFD but merciless when people step on my toes.

    • I never did LFD much without a guildie or two, so the times I got stuck with complete asses were few and far between, thankfully. I’m sure it’s a much different experience for those going in with four randoms.

  2. I think this is a bit cheeky given that you actually do have a pet tank 😛

  3. ha ha nice one and yeah i got to agree.

    Tanks and healers seem to think they can moan and bitch because they have a vastly important role. What they need to do is take the chip off their shoulder and realise they picked their ‘role’ no one forces them to do it.

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