It’s Been Awhile

 Admit it, how many of you just started humming or singing the Staind tune from several years ago? It’s the first thing that popped into my head when I wrote the title. But really, it has been awhile since I posted anything, so here I am to rectify that situation!

Short story version of why I haven’t posted anything: work was ridiculously busy last week. Additionally, I haven’t played anything other than Fallout: New Vegas, and I can’t compete with the amazing tale of Blackrod LaDouche. I am still enjoying the game immensely – I’m level 20 now and still haven’t advanced the main quest very far, I don’t think. I can’t say for sure because I’m avoiding any sort of spoilers like the plague.


My favorite place, thus far, has to be Vault 22. You’re sent there (optionally, of course) to download some research data about the plants which are (over-)growing  around the vault entrance. You’re also asked by the assistant researcher to see if you can rescue one of the other scientists sent there. There’s quite a bit more to the story than initially meets the eye, and some interesting moral choices to be made. The monsters literally wake up from the fauna that covers almost all five floors, and an inter-connected network of caverns holds its fair share of danger. Just well done, really well done.


It feels like New Vegas is even bigger than Fallout 3, which is hard to imagine. I want to say that I’ve discovered at least 75 locations so far – I think that’s what the achievement ding said – but it could even be more. I’ll have to double-check. I also had a nice picture of the “Welcome to New Vegas!” sign which I forgot to upload at home. I want to get a screenshot of the humorous ‘No Vac’ancy sign, too.

I’ve encountered just a couple of crashes to desktop since playing (I’m somewhere in the vicinity of 22 hours now, I think), so less painful still than Fallout 3 was even after all the patching. While I certainly wish it would run flawlessly, the game still impresses and entertains.

~ by Drew on November 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “It’s Been Awhile”

  1. In response to your opener: GUILTY!

  2. Ha ha yeah caught out on the song.

    Im in two minds to buy new vegas at the minute. Ive not been getting much gaming done anyway but i hear its riddled with bugs. Ach Ill maybe get it for xmas.

    • There certainly are a few bugs, although the PC version seems to be less impacted than the consoles from what I can tell.

      I’ve finally trekked into New Vegas, itself, and am working towards progressing the main storyline. It’s been a fun ride, so far.

      • Im certainly on the fence, I know I’ll love it dont get we wrong – Fallout 3 was some of the best single gaming I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

        I may however wait a while, even see what DLC is released

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