Not So Funny Story

So, remember when I told that quick funny tale of my virus-checker thinking the WoW launcher was malware?

I doubt AVG was right about that, but something happened that got my WoW account hacked and banned this weekend. I have logged into WoW exactly one time in the last month, and that was on Friday night to make a level 1 hunter and run around for about 5 minutes before going to bed.

I quickly submitted a ticket to Blizzard and it’s been mostly resolved – the characters have been restored and reimbursed, but I’m waiting for final confirmation for login procedures. I’ll be sticking an authenticator on my account, stat.

At least it happened before Cataclysm dropped, I guess.  Hopefully it will all be resolved in time to try that out. In the meantime, still working on FoNV and finishing up the Witcher.

~ by Drew on November 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Not So Funny Story”

  1. hehe my AVG did the exact same.

    Lucky for me mine is all authenticated up 😉

    In all seriousness hope it all gets sorted out.

    • Thanks; I’m in the last stages according to the most recent e-mail from Blizzard, so I think it’s just a matter of getting a new password, logging in, and attaching the authenticator.

      I really want to try out the new Forsaken starting zones, I hear it’s much improved.

      • Its my favourite starting area and I include the goblin and Worgen areas in that. There is a lot of cool content in it.

        The Goblin area is probably more fun and tongue in cheek but the forsaken area blew me away. Be sure to venture into the hillsbrad quests as they are really good as well. Including a quest where you are the quest giver lol I kid you not.

      • LOL, yeah, I saw the “Johnny Awesome” but spoilered somewhere a bit on a blog post today – looks absolutely fantastic!

  2. Sucks man, glad Blizzard is working it out for you.

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