Quick Resolution

So, more kudos to Blizzard Customer Service – in the span of 48 hours, my entire account was restored, I was able to log back into WoW yesterday, attach an authenticator with ease, and now feel much better about the safety of my account going forward. (And I got a baby Core Hound pet, to boot. Yay, I guess?) I spent about an hour last night playing; I rolled up a baby Forsaken Warlock to try out the new starter area quests. The story is nicely done, and you certainly can’t miss when you level up anymore (not that it was really a huge problem in the past).  There is quite a bit of hand-holding thus far, but hey, it’s the starter area, after all. I don’t understand the lack of a pet bar until level 10, though. That doesn’t make any sense. At least that’s what I gathered the problem is (I’m missing a pet bar) from searching the web briefly.

Looking forward to making it farther on into the quest chains tonight, I hear things get even more intriguing once you’re into Silverpine and Hillsbrad. I’ve heard quite a bit about the “Johnny Awesome” quest, which just sounds hilarious.


~ by Drew on December 1, 2010.

10 Responses to “Quick Resolution”

  1. This hand-holding argument has been universally argued by virtually everyone who has played the game so far…

    Is it really that much of an issue?

    • Nope, I don’t think it’s much of an issue at all; it’s totally what I would expect from a starter area. I think a lot of WoW vets have forgotten what it’s like to be new to a game, perhaps. The starter area hand-holding wasn’t meant for them, but the updated quest lines are for everyone to enjoy.

  2. @ Drew glad to see they got it sorted out quick, the need for an authenticator isnt ideal however it becomes almost second nature after a while and hey punching in 6 digits doesnt take long. The lack of a pet bar also irked me but I think it was to try and not overload new players with too much at one time (not that I think a pet bar would lol)

    @ Bronte I dont see it as an issue because its clearly aimed at people who dropped the game before level 10. Its basically in my opinion a very well put together tutorial which whilst isnt challenging for the veteran WoW player it is a godsend for the ‘noob’. Not only does it set the pace of progression and abilities well it actually has a lot of interesting content and story (particularly the forsaken area which uses ingame cinematics well).

    Another arguement I’ve been surprised at is people complaining about the ease of levelling/mob difficulty etc….whilst they are wearing full heirlooms, it should be remembered that mobs are tuned for non heirloom players therefore you will two/three shot them if you are decked out in heirlooms and enchants. *shrug* I do think the levelling pace should be toned down however because on my mage I missed out on the first 4 dungeons.

    • The last piece is why I intentionally rolled the baby lock on a different server. I wanted to experience the game fresh; not face-rolling it with heirlooms. Someone else I read frequently (sorry, can’t remember who) actually suggested the leveling speed be decreased as well, since they were missing out on quests/dungeons just from playing normally.

      • I think blizzard have nerfed the dungeon and dungeon quest xp but hey I’d go one further and nerf all exp. I wish you could turn off the % gain from heirlooms tbh

  3. I agree with decreased leveling speed. I made it to 39 in a single week… and that was playing reasonably.

    • I’ll be hoping to be level 50-60 in the first week of Cataclysm with my new toon

    • Particularly since the focus seems to be bringing new players in or old players back – not rushing vets through to max level; that’s what the heirlooms are for after all. Why make such a painstaking revision of the entire game + expansion, if you’re going to blow through it all quickly?

  4. Good to see you got your account back. One good thing I miss from FFXI is that you didn’t need to worry much about authenticators or account phishing if you played on console.

    • Indeed; cutting my teeth on FFXI as my first true MMO, I never had to worry about this kind of stuff playing on a PS2.

      If they continue to clean up FFXIV like they’ve done over the past couple months, maybe I’ll invest in a PS3 and play it there. I’d like to play FFXIII, anyhow.

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