Brief Questing

I was able to get in a little playtime on my baby ‘Lock last night, moving up to level 7. Drain Life has been added to the arsenal of Immolation, Corruption, and Shadow Bolt, and killing mobs generally takes one of each of those spells (or a couple bolts rather than Drain Life). There is a significant difference playing a “new” character over one with heirlooms – even if I’ve not played an heirloomed Warlock, I can tell from other classes I have played that way. I don’t feel totally overpowered, and I’m not outleveling the quests yet. Then again, it’s only level 7, so we’ll see how that holds up once I get into the teens and above. The recent change to dungeon XP should help ensure I stay on track to do most of the content, rather than pointlessly outleveling it too quickly.

That’s the hope at least.

In other MMO news, Fallen Earth has a huge patch coming, and I’m finding it hard to resist a return to the Wasteland. Desperately needed combat changes are in the works, as well as some crafting ones. I can’t really explain my love for the game beyond the true feeling of immersion. I commented over at Spinksville the other day that it’s really the only game left that has that for me. I suppose FFXIV would, too, but I’m still waiting for one more gameplay change (they’ve upgraded UI response, but no AH means no me). Then again, with Cataclysm on the horizon, I know I’ll want to at least experience the content to 85 there, first. I really need FE to come back with another $4.99 sub deal. If it was that cost all the time, I’d keep an active sub year-round, I think.


~ by Drew on December 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Brief Questing”

  1. “I really need FE to come back with another $4.99 sub deal. If it was that cost all the time, I’d keep an active sub year-round, I think.”

    Hint, hint Icarus!

    • Absolutely; I can’t help believe that there are a number of games that could profit from not necessarily going F2P, but slashing the long-term subscription price significantly. It’d be like Cryptic’s Lifetime Sub, only without the “ha ha, we’re F2P!” that would inevitably follow. 😀

      Seriously, at $60, I’d subscribe to FE for a year right now. Right now. I might even subscribe back to AION at that price, too. Hell, I did it for Wizard 101 when it was on sale (mainly because I think my son will ultimately enjoy as well, but it’s a fun disctraction as a former Magic: the Gathering player).

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