WTF, Blizzard?

Sorry – no witty song title header today, this is so stupid I had to lead with WTF. Seriously, Blizzard, WTF?

WTF made you think giving out 1800 honor for winning Tol (LOL) Barad would fix it? You had to know the monster you would create (go see “AP trading in the Abyss” for AION) with this “fix”.

The win trading was going to happen, that was a given. Which was stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Undermines PvP at its core. Even more hilarious is that now no one bothers to queue up for defense, so it’s a ghostyard with the lucky lottery winners picking up 1800 honor. So, every two hours like 8 people get the prize.

 Way to go, Blizzard! This has to be the dumbest, laziest “fix” I have ever seen you implement. A real lack of foresight, here, and completely out of character. I get that re-designing the zone wasn’t an option on the fly, but surely you could do better than this. Severely disappointed.

Why do I care? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of PvP [basically all I do] since my return to WoW – I don’t really feel the urge to raid – so this is kind of a big deal impact to me. I like Tol Barad in theory, although I would’ve gone with straight flag captures (a la Arathi Basin) rather than EotS-like ones. It takes away a potentially fun experience and turns it into an honor lottery. Just silly.

Hunter damage really sucks in PvP, too, by the way. I spend far much more time hampering the enemy with traps and stuns and such, which is kind of fun, but killing someone is painfully slow. If you hate hunters for some reason, you’re probably enjoying it. At least rogues have it just as bad – by all accounts they’re pretty terrible at the moment – and one of the few classes we can take down with relative ease. The other is, uh, hmm, oh yeah – other hunters!

Oh, did I mention I re-subbed to Fallen Earth? It was a discounted rate for 3 months ($8.99 per) so I did it.

~ by Drew on January 3, 2011.

One Response to “WTF, Blizzard?”

  1. Hotfix yesterday dropped attacking honor win gain to 360, I think.

    Doesn’t address the fact the BG is broken, but at least it won’t be a win-trading fest anymore.

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