And So I’ve Decided…

… to cancel my subscription to WoW again.

 Look, Cataclysm is pretty. But I didn’t enjoy the leveling game from 80-85; wasn’t caring much for what I saw in the Goblin storyline, and I just have no desire to raid. I don’t want to commit to hours at a time with multiple other people to accomplish something on a regular schedule. I can’t really; or rather, refuse to put that ahead of other more important things any more.  

So I focused on PvP. And maxed my gear out in a few weeks. Well, short of the miniscule upgrades I’ll get from Arena/Rated BGs which are point-capped by week. And while I enjoy that aspect quite a bit; it’s not enough of a game to warrant a monthly sub. Not when I can sit down and get fully immersed in Fallen Earth.

I’ve found a great clan there, and dare I say it – with mainly older gamers and no 1337 speak in chat. The biggest downside to my PvP guild in WoW? The people. There’s a couple folks who are pretty cool, but the majority are like the former guildmate I wrote some time last year – immature kids. Seriously, the guild is littered with high schoolers talking about how school has been out because of the snow. I am not making this up. So yeah, I miss the people in my old guild, but not the content. I’ve just decided WoW isn’t for me anymore. It’s still a solid game, and I don’t harbor any ill will, it’s just not in my wheelhouse anymore.

Fallen Earth scratches an itch that no other game I’ve found can do. I read every single line of quest text. Every one. I often laugh at the dark humor. The crafting makes sense. It’s the Wasteland, dammit, take those scrap pieces of metal and weave it into some armor. I feel like I have to go out and survive (post-patching; combat was WAY too easy before, now it feels right).

Dragon Age 2 isn’t far off. I still need to finish The Witcher. I have books to read (Thanks, Rivs, for pointing me to the L5R novels, I’ve ordered the first one and it’s due to come in the mail any day now). I’m done spending an hour or two a night on a game I just don’t ‘love’ anymore.

Farewell, WoW; we had good times, but this time it’s really over.

~ by Drew on January 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “And So I’ve Decided…”

  1. It’s nice to go back to something else for a change when things start to get dull. I’m doing the same and it’s been fun. I do hope things change for the better in WoW but… If they don’t there’s plenty of other games to look forward to this year.

    • It sure is. I never played the original EQ – I was an FFXI guy – but they were brutally similar in many accounts. I’m not sure I could go back to that hardcore version of an MMO (mainly the necessity to wait for hours to get groups started in FFXI), but slower (and not tab-targeted) combat and more exploration / less guidance is what I like about Fallen Earth, which is what I think I liked about FFXI back in the day when it first hooked me.

      I’ve taken a couple trips back to FFXI and it just wasn’t the same luster as the first time (friends were mainly gone is what I’m chalking that up to), but I hope you find your return to “home” to be awesome. 🙂

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