Fallen Earth Fun

 The title pretty much says it all – since cancelling my WoW account, I have been primarily playing Fallen Earth and having a great time doing so. 

My main character of choice right now is my Pistoleer/Crafter, Slimm. The melee basher, Slymm, is taking a back seat right now. I have both of my characters in a very friendly clan with people who have been a great knowledge resource for me.

 In seeking out new adventures, I stumbled across something I hadn’t done yet in the game – a Conflict Town. Two of them, actually.

The Concept

The concept of these towns is that they have resources and merchants within them that are available only to the controlling Faction. In order to gain control of the town, you need to complete missions in the surrounding areas, one of which is killing enemy players. It’s a PvP-enabled area with purpose. And while Fallen Earth doesn’t have a huge population, there are enough people around in these mid-level Conflict Towns to make it entertaining.

The Single Shard

 That’s part of what makes it work for me, though. In WoW, battlegrounds suffer from being cross-server. I may never see those opponents again. In the couple of hours I spent in each Hollister Point and Tinkersdam this weekend, I added two players to my friends list, had a blast repeatedly killing a rifleman who kept trying to track me down, and developed a friendly rivalry with a darned good melee player.

The players added to my friends list were fellow Techs (Faction) who were trying to “flip the town”s I was at, as well. One of them was having a bear of a time with the two PvPers I mentioned above, and together we got her some sweet revenge. The melee rival I mentioned got the better of me in kill counts by the end of the night, but we had a good time chatting it up in the Regional channel.

Fallen Earth does offer “Death Toll” points for PvP kills, so there’s a gear-based purpose behind fighting, too, but for me it was really a combination of cool ideas that “worked”. Flipping the towns, harvesting the great resources, having some challenging PvP (remember, FE is not tab-targeting) – was a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to moving on to Sector 3 soon – Slymm is almost level 30. More missions, more conflict towns, and advancing the main plot all on the radar? Good times.


~ by Drew on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fallen Earth Fun”

  1. Well I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!

    • Thanks! I just hit level 30 last night, so I’m making my way towards Sector 3 (the next “zone”). Should be a whole lot of content to explore there.

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