Where I Wax Poetic Some More

 D0 you remember playing when the game had consequences – and not just of the “oh damn, I died and lost a level” kind? The kind where if someone was a complete jackass, they simply got booted out of guilds or parties? Or the kind where it “got around” on the server that you were a good player and nice, too? Or the kind where being the guy that could craft <item X> was relevant?

Yeah, me too. Man, I miss FFXI circa 2003 – when Community was more than a TV show with Joel McHale (who is extremely funny on The Soup).

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t miss the forced grouping. I much prefer it optional, but I also prefer there to be consequences for acting like a tool.

Fallen Earth has an interesting community – it’s quite divided. You have the PvPers, the Crafters, the PvErs and the Role Players. Problem is, most of the chatting actually goes on in the forums – which if you’ve ever visted game forums, you know how this is going to end (with the PvPeeners inserting their political agenda into everything). The good news is that the latest State of the Game post indicates they’ll be adding ‘social channels’. What this means exacty isn’t clear, but I certainly hope the single-shard community of FE is up to the task of not turning into Barrens Chat. I think they will be for that very reason; well, that and the players of Fallen Earth seem to have a lot invested in the game and really want to see it succeed.

If you haven’t given it a shot and you’re an explorer-type or like FPS games with some RPG elements, I’d heartily recommend it. I believe there’s a free trial up and running.

~ by Drew on February 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “Where I Wax Poetic Some More”

  1. I will probably return to the waste land before swtor drops. Its a crackin game but alas I suck at mmo juggling and have a 3 month aoc sub running.

    If I do return Ill defo reroll as its not as simplistic as other mmos where you can just pick up where you left off.

    • Saw your post about your PC earlier today – that sucks, hopefully it won’t blow up anymore on you!

      Some of the early game stuff has changed, too, so it’s certainly worth starting from scratch if you weren’t too far up in levels. (Boneclaw is totally redone, for example.)

      • stop it! You are gonna make me download it lol, to be fair I’d maybe buy it again from the official site as the reward I got from steam (an ingame tshirt with the steam logo witha few +stats) was crap.

  2. Hey, you want “fear”? Try playing EQ on their new progression server opening up on the 15th of this month. Death was something to be feared in that game. XP loss, sometimes leading to level loss and of course the use of any spells dependent on that level you just lost. Plus you could lose all your gear if you didn’t recover your corpse before the timer expired. Now that’s scary! I’m going to give it a shot.. don’t know how long I’ll last (I’ve been somewhat wussified by newer mmos)but it should be an interesting experience.

    • FFXI was very similar in this regard, minus the part about losing your gear if you couldn’t get back to your corpse – that’s just brutal!

      I’m afraid I’ve been “wussified” a bit, too, but to be more honest, I just don’t have 6 hours a night to sit down and play like I did when I was a single guy living with my college buddy in an apartment. But heck yeah we had fun!

      I think learning a whole new system isn’t something I real keen on doing again – I’d rather go back to FFXI now that they’ve extended the level cap. That’s saying something, isn’t it? FFXIV is just that bad that I’d rather play the predecessor by a country mile.

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