Quotes of the Day

“some folks just don’t like what’s offered or think it’s more of the same, but that’s more personal preference than genuine criticism.” – Syp, BioBreak re: RIFT.

As someone who holds this opinion, I think this is a rather dismissive attitude to take, and smacks of launch-day hype.

The single biggest problem with MMOs is repetitiveness, bar none. Rift’s BTDT design means that every player is starting out having essentially repeated it thousands of times already. Sure, there’s some new shinies, but those wear off quickly – take a look at WoW’s expansions. Rift is this year’s Aion – it’ll be big and shiny (look, we can fly!!) for about two months, and then it’ll drop off the radar because in the end it offers nothing new.

And that’s the reason your dismissal is so annoying. In an industry that can’t seem to stop making the same game over and over and over and over and over again, “more of the same” is not just personal preference, it’s a deep flaw in the entire genre.

And if you doubt that, ask yourself which you’d be playing if Guild Wars 2 were launching tomorrow, too. – Buhallin, comment in response to that particular part of the post


 That seems like a fair retort, to me. I felt the same way when I tried the RIFT beta this weekend – the game just didn’t grab me. It looks like AION and plays like WoW. Granted, yes, I didn’t get to the dynamic content, I was just trying out souls – I did like the Chloromancer and Bard concepts; the PvE questing and story just didn’t do it for me.

~ by Drew on February 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “Quotes of the Day”

  1. Nicely put. Ive been questioning my decision to purchase as like you I tried beta and just felt a little meh about the whole game. Granted i only dealt with starter rifts but i felt a rather large ‘is that it ? ‘ feeling. Never the less Ill probably play the first month and see how i get on….. Part of me thinks a resub to fallen earth would have been money better spent.

    • Yeah, I think it would be good fun for a month or two, but I’ve got Dragon Age II on my radar and an active sub to Fallen Earth. I’m just not sure I can justify dropping the $50 for it, to be frank, when I’m not that sold on it for the long-haul.

  2. But if “more of the same” is what that player prefers, who is to tell him that is wrong?

    • Absolutely – Syp’s right in his follow-up comment that it’s more of a subjective criticism than an objective one if we’re talking about it “being more of the same” as a “problem”. If the argument is that it’s not more of the same – well, that’s pretty objective – you can draw definite correlations to the game’s predecessors, particularly AION and WoW.

      I imagine I’d have fun with RIFT for a month or two, but ultimately end up where I did with WoW in the end – tired of the treadmill.

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