RIFT Thoughts

So with the impending large chunk of free time (family out of town), I couldn’t resist the urge to flash back to my bachelor days and blow an entire weekend gaming – and what better way to do it than trying out the new shiny?

I was impressed. And I’m still concerned on two fronts.

First with the impressed part:

Some of the souls are really creative. I’ve already touched on Bard, Chloromancer, and Riftstalker in some recent comments, but the soul that really reached out and grabbed me this weekend was the Saboteur. Despite the claims of 1,1,1,1,1,2 boom – noob! forum posters, there is a much more depth to the soul. Every few levels you get a new “charge” that you can blow up with abilities such as straight damage, AoE, armor reduction, speed reduction, stun, as well as some different bombs to use – slow, AoE damage, AoE stun, etc. It’s not just about attaching five charges and blowing stuff up – there are some decisions to be made.

I’ve paired it with Ranger and Riftstalker for PvE (pet + blink), and for PvP, it’s Riftstalker and Inquisitor (blink + 2m PvP trinket effect from WoW). I will ultimately try out the Marksman/Ranger/X build – I can’t help myself – but for now I’m really enjoying blowing stuff up (literally).

The concerns:

Right now rifts are awesome because there are approximately 4,092,346 people playing the game (I exaggerate, but c’mon, the servers are packed). What happens when players late to the party – or way ahead of the curve – or whatever, are trying to quest and those ‘pesky’ rifts are all over the place. The game works now because of the concentrated player base – I’m most curious to see how it plays out months from now.

Second concern – PvP balance. There are a ton of possible combinations, and the humor of reading the forums is great. Everyone is bitching about everything, particularly bards and sabos. The former (in multiples, particularly) make it damn near impossible to kill people. The latter – people don’t like being one-shot (not that it really happens, but it feels that way to go from 60 or 70% to dead, I’ve never taken 100% off a player alone). Nothing has struck me as horribly inbalanced, but it’s low-level PvP – I’ll better gauge it if/when I hit level 50.

For now, though, RIFT is proving to be just as much as fun as I thought it would be initially, but I’m cautiously optimistic about whether or not I’ll burn out at the level cap. The game is very well polished and has a lot of variety in what to do – rifts, instances, PvP – but can it sustain the 1/3/6 month barriers? We’ll see.

~ by Drew on February 28, 2011.

5 Responses to “RIFT Thoughts”

  1. Nice post and you mirror some of my thoughts regarding rift. One thing Im not looking forward to is making any alts as so far on defiant it is very much follow the breadcrumbs. Whether or not this changes at higher levels remains to be seen.

    My main concern will probably be cookie cutting specs at end game both pve and pvp and also if said endgame can grip me as you point out past the two or three month stage. If it keeps me occupied until SWTOR hits then mark me as impressed.

    • Thanks; I’m with you on the replayability factor – plus I’ve never been one to play a lot of alts, anyway. I like to identify a main character and complete as much as I can. I would maybe play a Defiant character in addition to my Guardian Rogue, but I can’t see myself running this over again with another alt.

      I’ve accepted that a set-schedule raiding endgame isn’t for me, so we’ll see what’s available at the cap. I’m hoping the PvP stays relevant and balanced. With DA2 and The Witcher II on the horizon, this will likely share game time with both of those and it will be awhile before I get to that point, anyhow.

  2. yeah am not in any rush to level myself so will only be playing when i can fit it in. My friends are power levelling though so Im very much going solo / pug style

  3. Yeah I wonder about the RIFTs once the newbie zones start to clear out. I’m guessing we’ll just have to find something else to do until the invasion resets.

    As for Balance, it’s going to be hard to claim something is OP and back it up. Too many variations IMO. I’m betting for every “OP” build, there is a counter out there… people just haven’t found it and would rather whine.

  4. Yeah, I’ve definitely seen enough MMO populations implode after the first couple of months. Everyone and their grandmothers seem to be playing Rift right now, but I wonder what things will be like 1/3/6 months stage as well.

    So far so good though. I’ve been finding a lot of things to do in the game, and there’s both negative and positive consequences of this initial rush of people. It’s good because the number of players in each zone is keeping the rift events manageable, and the more people in a raid the more fun it seems. Bad, of course, because of the disgustingly huge server queues especially on Faeblight where I play.

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