It’s Not You, It’s Me?

I was sick much of this week, so I didn’t get to play a whole lot of anything. And it occurred to me by Thursday that I hadn’t played anything since Monday and frankly, I didn’t feel like I missed much. That’s not a good sign for a game that I just started playing the week before. I just don’t think my heart’s in it. I know I don’t have the time/don’t want to raid – so what’s the point of getting to 50? The story – sorry to the RIFT plot-lovers out there – is pretty lame, in my opinion, so the questing just isn’t doing it for me. The Rifts and Invasions are fun, though. The question still remains – will they be fun when I do them 500 more times? And PvP balance? Well, I’m currently playing the pariah of ‘all that’s wrong with PvP (saboteur)’, and the developers have expressed they really don’t intend to balance the game around PvP, so I’m skeptical how that’s going to play out in the long run. Besides, if I wouldn’t maintain a WoW sub on PvP alone, I’m not sure what makes me think that’s going to change for RIFT.

So here’s the final verdict: I’m not going to subscribe to RIFT beyond the free month.

Don’ t get me wrong – it’s a gorgeous, well-polished, solid game by a company that seems to care about the player base. I applaud them for that. I just don’t think the tab-target MMO model is my cup of tea any more. I know it still works for a lot of people out there, and I really do wish TRION the best, and hope those of you who stick with it have a ball.

So what now? Well, I’m super-excited about Dragon Age II; I loved finishing The Witcher – I can’t tell you how stoked I am there’s a sequel coming for that, too.

I realize now what I’ve needed all along, and why (and I’ve said this countless times) I keep going back to Fallen Earth; I need a meaningful story in my game. Also, I need combat to be more interactive. I’m just tired of rotations and dancing. I think I’m just bored of that whole exercise.

So please stop me if I mention I’m going to resub to anything that isn’t Fallen Earth, okay?

March 8th, baby. March 8th. Plus it’s almost March Madness and baseball season – things are looking up. Happy gaming!

~ by Drew on March 5, 2011.

7 Responses to “It’s Not You, It’s Me?”

  1. After playing a fair bit of Rift over the weekend (still only 28) I’m kinda slowly coming round to the same conclusion that I may only see out the ‘free month’. Its a stunning game visually but for all that beneath that shiny exterior I see a pretty shallow game.

    Rifts get repetitive and the questing is probably the most bland I’ve came across. I still have a month and a bit of AoC running which I’ve yet to return to since playing rift and I want to get to 40 with my ranger to get a mount before that runs down.

    After that? Who knows. I have been wanting to revisit fallen earth so that may be on the cards.

    • Give me a yell if you come back to the Wasteland – but I suspect much of my gaming time over the next few months will be dedicated to DA2 and the Witcher II.

      I might just be over MMOs, to be honest.

      • FE is downloading, I’ll no doubt be starting again however as I hate picking up on old toons

  2. Welcome back to the Wasteland!

    I’ll be in Ferelden (DA2) this week, I’m sure, but add Slimm and Slymm to your FE friends list and drop me a hello if you see me online. 🙂

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