I’m Curious…

…to see what WoW’s subscription numbers look like right now. I know it’s a relatively small sampling even for such a “big blog”, but go read the post over at Tobold’s about Cataclysm replayability. Nearly every commenter has indicated they recently quit WoW with a good many of them going over to RIFT.

 I’ve quit. I didn’t just “quit”, I gave my gold away and uninstalled the game. I’m done. Finito.

 I suspect we’ll see a similar dropoff from RIFT, too;  I just think the fantasy MMO tab-target genre has gone stale. Once the min-maxers get their heads wrapped around the bigger scope of possibilities in RIFT and cookie-cutters emerge, the honeymoon will start to decline. Then, people will tire of zerging rifts over and over and raiding; it’s an inevitability. Look around the blogosphere – I realize a couple weeks have passed since launch, but the level of enthusiasm has already taken a sharp decline.

Self-awareness: Maybe I’m just a cynic; or maybe I’m just done chasing gear grinds through forced interactions. Either way, I haven’t logged into an MMO in over a week, and I don’t miss it.

On the bright side, I’m loving the heck out of Dragon Age II. I’m playing as a Warrior so that I don’t have to include Aveline in my party. She I could do without.

~ by Drew on March 15, 2011.

9 Responses to “I’m Curious…”

  1. Im currently subbed 2 4 mmos. Rift , AoC, Fallen Earth and I actually resubbed to wow to do some pvp with my friend. Overall im using these subs as a fare well with perhaps not ruling out a return to AoC further down the line. Resubbing to wow was a tough one but Id promised my friend Id return for some pvp so Ill see how long till he gets bored.

    Im looking forward to more story driven mmos like swtor and guild wars 2. Despite people saying they look more of the same I think the story focused elements to both titles will make them perfect for me. Im just kinda sick of the current offerings but remain hopeful for the future releases.

    • In hindsight – and no matter how many different MMOs I play it always comes back to this – it’s very apparent to me that what “made” my first MMO for me (FFXI) was the fact that my roommate, me, and my girlfriend at the time all played it together. Also, by the very nature of that game, you were required to build relationships. I looked forward to “talking” to my friends in Linkshell (guild) chat every day.

      Games today have moved away from the group-oriented content – almost by necessity – I’d wager the ‘solo’ gamer is a much bigger demographic today, and MMOs are ultimately still a business. People just don’t have time – or don’t want – to spend in grinding groups for hours on end

      Growing up and having actual responsibilties is such a pain in the ass, isn’t it? 😀

      So where MMOs fail for me now, I derive more enjoyment out of story and get that from single-player games. I realize I still intend to play Fallen Earth, but that’s almost solo, too; the story there is compelling enough to catch my attention – I read the quest text and laugh quite a bit. This is why I think SWTOR/GW2 may deliver on a different level than WoW/Rift/AION.

  2. sorry for some of the text speak. On my way home from work so posting from my phone

  3. WoW no doubt saw a dent. Probably a small one, maybe players thinking to give Rift a try, but with all the intention of going back to WoW at some point. I know my own WoW guild has seen less people log in, based on comments I see from our website (I don’t play anymore either). They are apparently having issues filling raids right now, with so many of the regulars playing Rift.

    • I just wonder how many times one can be a ‘WoW tourist’ before deciding the problem isn’t always with the other game(s), but rather that you’ve just run your course in WoW/MMOs. For me it was about four (AION, Fallen Earth, FFXIV and RIFT each briefly).

      Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one of those jaded gamers who hates WoW now; I very much enjoyed my time there, but I was able to recognize when it became “logging in for the sake of logging in” rather than playing for fun.

      That, and I don’t like alts, which I feel was the bigger draw for Cataclysm – but I dreaded redoing all that content, even if a chunk of it was new.

  4. “I just think the fantasy MMO tab-target genre has gone stale. ”

    Yep, that right there.

    • I wonder, though, how many people truly want innovation?

      I get why people don’t play Darkfall – the full-loot PvP ruleset is a big turn-off for many – but I would think DDO and Fallen Earth should be bigger ‘successes’ than they are by virtue of being more challenging than a tab-target environment.

      Marketing, I suppose. D&D is still “geeky” and Fallen Earth is a small developer. I wonder how a game like that would do with Blizzard’s or even Trion’s resources.

      • /agree with Drew

        I dont buy this tab target arguement as frankly when an MMO does anything different they get roundly criticised in most quarters. I think this is why the AAA+ games stick with the tried and trusted. The player base is huge. Factor in all ‘tab target’ game players then compare to all the rest. Only a pure fps has a chance of rivaling it and thats what blizzards next mmo is.

  5. […] (mainly because I didn’t say RIFT was already going downhill, I was quite clear in that I expect a drop off to happen once the cookie-cutters emerge and people tire of the PvE endgame), the […]

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