Then Why Are There So Many WoW Blogs?

Rant time, peeps.

While I doubt that I’m the blogger in question indicated in this entry (mainly because I didn’t say RIFT was already going downhill, I was quite clear in that I expect a drop off to happen once the cookie-cutters emerge and people tire of the PvE endgame), the counterpoint is so bad, and my comment close enough, that I feel compelled to ask the question in the title.

Really? You think people have stopped blogging about the game with such enthusiasm because they’re too busy playing it?

Funny, because at least two bloggers I know stopped playing it (me included there), and a couple have admitted it’s a way to pass the time until SW:TOR arrives. Another “didn’t get it”. And yes, there are quite a few who are still playing it actively. But to presume the drop off is entirely positive is delusional.

All I’m saying is that I think it’s fair to say the response at this point is less enthusiastic than it was three weeks ago. Is that to be expected? Absolutely! Is it because everyone’s too busy playing? Not everyone. That’s all.


However, I couldn’t help but laugh at this tweet:


Find it amusing how defensive WoW players can get when they feel their turf being threatened… guys, we’re all GAMERS FIRST.    – Syp


Way to stereotype one group and then lump them in with another. This was the screw-up of an idea that started the RealID fiasco – “We’re all Gamers!”. Look, we’re not some persecuted minority that needs to band together and be proud of our ‘inner geek’. That’s up to me to decide if I want to do that. And I clearly wasn’t alone in that thinking. Quit trying to stereotype me/people who play video games. I don’t want to take up pitchforks with the old guys living in their mom’s basement (see what I did here?).

So – the “We’re all Gamers first”? No. We’re all individuals, and allowed to have our own opinions. I certainly don’t consider myself a “Gamer” in the same aspect as someone who plays Call of Duty competitively, nor would I lump myself in with someone who plays FarmVille or the Lego games. I don’t play those games. So don’t tell me I should support RIFT, or not get defensive because I’m a “Gamer” – if I think it’s a step in the wrong direction for MMOs, then why should I? (I’m not even necessarily saying that’s the case; in the comments of my “I’m Curious” post, I point out that I just wish more innovative games like Fallen Earth, Darkfall, and DDO got more buzz.) It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another entirely to try and impose it on others to stifle criticism.

And a reminder – I quit WoW awhile ago, so I’m not even lumped into the people to whom the tweet is directed.


And SynCaine has basically become a parody of himself at this point. I’m still waiting for the “Surprise, RIFT sucks like WoW, stupid tab-target themepark – gotcha!” post. Or maybe he really does like RIFT; but I have to admit I’m really confused given his staunch stance on the evils of tab-targeting versus skill in Darkfall. Which is ironic, I guess, since that’s now where I find myself; I’d much rather play Fallen Earth or DDO because it’s far more interactive than just pushing hotkeys.

To each his own. And that’s the point.

~ by Drew on March 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Then Why Are There So Many WoW Blogs?”

  1. I laughed at the Syncaine bit as its oh so true.

    As for Syp *meh* I like his writting but he is very much of the WoW hater category albiet a less rabid variety than dear ol’ SynCaine.

    • True, but it’s a more insidious variety of WoW-hater, actually. Go look at the comment on Screaming Monkey’s blog, or his comments on TAGN calling him out for the tweet; it’s a passive-aggressive attack against the WoW gaming population which he sugar-coats with positive vibes.

      I expect SynCaine to bash WoW and I’m good with that – he’s sarcastic, direct, shocking, and funny. Syp, on the other hand, comes off as a light-hearted force of positivity – which he usually is – but when it comes to WoW, it’s easy to see through the charade.

      Syp does have a very entertaining writing style, and I love when he talks about anything that isn’t WoW-related. Heck, I would never have heard about FE if not for him!

      But when he does choose to write about WoW, the obvious bias shows through.

      • yup thats why I usually just ignore his post about WoW, Im sure after Rift hits the rocks after the first 3 months the gum flapping with quiet down some what.

        As for SynCaine, I used to respect his opinion however his cheerleading of Rift is pretty embarrassing considering he murders WoW weekly then bums up Rift which mechanics wise is almost identical (aka tab 1,2,3,1,2,1,1,1 etc)

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