Random Thoughts

 During my quick tour of the blogosphere over the last few days, I read some things that I wanted to comment on:

* Kaozz pointed out a new add-on in WoW that identifies who the healers are in PvP. I think one of my biggest gripes with WoW that I never really vocalized much was how I hated add-ons. I just didn’t like dealing with them every time an update happened, and frankly, put the game too much on auto-pilot.

* Larissa asked about trash. I happened to love ToC. I hate trash, specifically re-spawning trash; it’s nothing but an aritificial progress barrier and an immersion-breaker. In fact, I think I wrote a post about that very thing awhile back.

* Gordon prefers the WoW spec model to that of RIFT – citing its simplicity. Some agreed, others disagreed. I can see both sides of the spectrum, but am prone to agree with him. As someone who labors over what talent to take at a level up in Dragon Age II, let alone in an MMO, I feel his pain. Will RIFT’s selling point also become its pain point? The soul system is very complex, and I wonder how that will play into balancing and loss of class identity for some.

~ by Drew on March 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. With Rift it wasnt so much the balancing problems that annoyed me, it just felt my character lacked identity and I was often asked to ‘spec’ outside of what I felt comfortable or actually wanted to play which in itself is a deal breaker for me.

    In other news the MMO tourist has purchased a copy of final fantasy XIV. I realise Im in for a bit of a culture shock but *shrug* I need something different + I wanna see how it works with my 360 controller. Only paid £5 for it off of amazon so its a bargain even if it turns out its my new coffee cup coaster

    • Yep, that was basically a sentiment I echoed over on Gordon’s post – the cookie cutters will exist, but even more troublesome – you will be expected to have every role your class can play. So, even if you hate healing, as a rogue – to be a full raider (see Stabs’ guild, for example)- you have to have a bard spec.

      Choice is an illusion in some cases.

      I hope you enjoy FFXIV, it certainly wasn’t what I hoped for, but they’re desperately trying to improve it. I hope one day to return and be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Well the free subs run out today or tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how many people stay subbed to rift, I would have thought the build up to the world event would be a bit more epic than it was to try and sway some people but it was a bit meh in my opinion.

    Im going into final fantasy with pretty low expectations due to what people have said but I like the ip and I just hope it has a few suprises up its sleeve for me. I’m just wanting a totally different experience and I think thats something this game will deliver. I just looked up delivery date and for some reason it says end of this week but hey hum no rush am playin about with the force unleashed and a little bit of LoTRO for now anyway

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