The Way-Back Machine

 Everytime I read a review or have a discussion about an RPG these days, the same two words always crop up regardless of what game is under the microscope.

Baldur’s Gate.

I think I was in college when the original released, and while I owned it, I didn’t play it much. I was very likely too busy playing Magic: the Gathering or the 3 Kingdoms MUD.  (Noticeably absent – studying or going to class. Such  was the way of college life, but hey – I can’t complain about how things have turned out.)

But now I have no active MMO subscriptions – don’t think I really want one – and want a good gaming experience. The time is nigh, folks, for me to play through the entire Baldur’s Gate series. This will likely take me all year given my minimal free time, but it should be pure gaming entertainment.

I rolled up my Neutral Good Half-Elf Ranger/Cleric last night. Let the journey begin.


~ by Drew on April 4, 2011.

7 Responses to “The Way-Back Machine”

  1. That’s awesome. I really miss having good D&D based games to play. The iconic character classes and the Forgotten Realms world really were works of art. I hope you have a lot of fun and there aren’t too many technical issues with such an old game.

    • Thanks! I was able to find the 4-in-1 pack awhile ago (BG, BG: Tales of the Sword Coast, BG2:SOA, and BG2: ThoB) and so far (fingers crossed!) I haven’t encountered any problems.

  2. I think you will enjoy it. I did. You almost want to make me buy the game all over again haha!

    • I think so, too. I played for a little over an hour yesterday, and so far it reminds me a lot of Dragon Age: Origins with better combat (or rather Dragon Age reminds me of Baldur’s Gate, obviously; and by better combat, I mean not just an AoE-spam fest- I’ve always liked the AD&D ruleset), and I like the three characters I’ve picked up so far (Imoen, Jaehira, and Khalid). Open world games are fun. The graphics aren’t really an issue for me – the gameplay is what counts.

      I suspect the game has tremendous replay value, too, given the choice of good/evil as well as a multitude of NPCs to choose from. Play it again! 🙂

  3. I liked it because it was sort of like playing D&D old school style with figurines that actually moved. I used to buy and paint a lot of Ral Partha figurines for table top play.

    • I used to collect those figures you’re talking about; never could use them much – didn’t have anyone else around who played. I just liked the way they looked. 🙂

  4. BG TuTu is amazing, by the way. It allows the original Baldur’s Gate to be played using the BG2 engine – meaning most importantly you don’t have to play it in 800×600!

    It also allows for the classes in BG2 to be played in BG1, although I opted to start over as a Elvish Fighter/Mage (which could be done in the original) so I could both rain down arrows and use magic. One of these days I’ll try a Sorcerer.

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